Blocs 2.4 Beta Build 8


*New In Build 8
This build is mainly focused on bug fixes. One new improvement, keyboard navigation on Light Box.

Things are starting to get pretty settled with this build so keep cracking away with it using it as much as possible but always keep file backups.

Outstanding Issues In Build 8.

• Image hosted on external drives don’t load.
• Gallery name field not being populated under certain circumstances.
• Marker visual glitch when styling rows.

After many months of hard work, Blocs 2.4 is ready for it’s beta testing phase.

The amount of changes to the code base in this release is pretty big it could actually be version 3 of Blocs, changes have been made to almost every aspect of the app so don’t use this for mission critical work and keep backups of everything.

How to create a page template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > Page > Add to Template Library

How to export a template?
Design a page and then go to the Main Menu > File > Export As > Page Template

How to install a template?
Open Blocs and then double click the template .bex file via finder.

How to uninstall a template?
You can remove templates from the page library screen that is shown when you first start a project and when you add a new page to a project.

Where are the column collapse controls?
As they are targeted for tablet and mobile they only show on these view modes. So select a row and then switch to tablet and you should see the column collapse controls.

Download Blocs 2.4 beta build 8



@Norm some little things.

  1. guide lines are better, but top and bottom are not .
    (in the picture, nested rows with 20px padding).

  2. in case of nested rows, it is impossible to select the parent row.
    in the picture: bloc > row > row > image
    ( the first row after the bloc is unselectable )


The color opacity slider on the border is defective.
with the numeric value is okay, but the slider does not work well.


What colour profile do you have set for the MacOS colour picker?


It closes unexpectedly with all profiles. I use generic rgb (8-bit) in general. I’ve tried to change, but the result I the same. With the numerical values it works, but with the slider closes the application immediately.


Just with border colours?


(opacity only) Yes, the border always, especially when starting from the initial value 0. Yes, background color too, but I didn’t test well, I do not use it.


Im not able to replicate this. These are my profile settings.


in the color swatches mine is identical with yours and there it’s okay,
but in class manager all value starts from 0.


Yes mine does to, I just dragged the opacity up. I’ll keep hunting for more info, however, I’m still yet to get it to crash.