Blocs 2.5.0 Beta Build 7 Black screen at open project


Blocs 2.5.0 Beta Build 7 Black screen at open project. Need help)

:scream: never seen this before. Do older 2.5 beta versions do this? Does the current public release do this (2.4.5)

I’m not seeing this problem with b7. Running 10.13.2.

2.4.5 Does the same with this project. Events developed like this: everything went well, then suddenly the program screen became black. When you start the screen becomes black not immediately, but after starting this particular project. The working area of the screen does not respond. The gif attached is animated. Video is:

I can create a new project without any problems in Blocs 2.5.0 Beta Build 7. This one is still black.

Can you DM me the blocs project file via the forum so I can inspect the projects code?

5_menu_betta7_5.bloc (2.3 MB)

Et voila). Thank you for your attention

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I could open your project without any problem. Perhaps try to reinstall BlocsApp.

Even for me there are no problems.

Ok thanks I’ll take a look! The fact it opens for others means it may be an issue at your end and not so thing wide spread.

No problems here.

I tried to reinstall it, to re-activate blocs, to erase cach and folder in app support. All the same for me.

Additional signs are: Additional signs are as follows: all keyboard shortcuts do not work, I can close the program only from the Blocs/Blocs quit menu.


Log into a GUEST user and try it. A guest user will give you a clean slate every time you try it because to log out of a GUEST user wipes all the data. If it works fine under a GUEST user then it’s clear some third party software installed in your primary user is causing the problem.


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Guest - the same. High Sierra 10.13.3 - No such type problem!)