Blocs 2.5.0b6 - Bugs with Asset Manager


Hi Norm,

I think I found a but with the new Asset Manager. To reproduce it:

  1. Open a new Bloc project.
  2. In Asset Manager, Add new group… Let’s say: Test
  3. Delete that group
  4. Add a group… with the same name produce an error: “Sorry, a group with this name already exists in this project.” But this is (no more) true.

Same error occurs if I try another letter case. I guess you store the group name case insensitive.

Another bug: if I try to rename the group “Test” in “test” (case sensitive), Blocs ask me if I want to Delete Group.

My config: MacOS Sierra (10.12.6 in French <- sorry for that :slight_smile:)

Best regards. Laurent


Thanks I’ll take a look!


I can confirm.

Also Blocs did NOT ask for “save changes” when you close the app.


Fixed and ready for 2.5.0 beta build 7.


All fixed and ready for next build.