Blocs 2.5.3 Beta Build 3


Blocs 2.5.3 beta build 3.

Here’s the third beta release of 2.5.3, this release naturally has some more fixes for a bunch of issues, but it also includes a pretty cool new feature.

Introducing Global Project Attachments.
Blocs now enables you to add project attachments via the project settings (click window title). You can attach addition JS and CSS and they will be automatically added to the head of every page in your site. You can also attach additional none Blocs html pages you want included in your export and you can even attach full directories of files (I think this should make working with Hype resources a lot easier).

I also added an API call for these new global attachments so devs can take full advantage of this, to create even more powerful custom Brics.

Anyway, all this talk about Solis, don’t worry I haven’t forgot about Blocs :sunglasses:

have fun.

Download Blocs 2.5.3


It would be nice to have an option to designate JS resources to be placed above the </body> tag also, like in Page Settings, verse being automatically added to the head of the page.

body tag page settings

Plus “every page”? I assume that can be edited if you only need a resource on a singular page.


Yeah just attach them via the page settings instead.

Deeper placement controls are in the pipeline too.


Global attachments are a very welcome feature, since I’ve wanted a site wide option for a long time. Well done @Norm


Great new powerful feature.


Thank you very much Norm :slight_smile: I waited for this feature.


I hope its a huge pipeline you are working in. :laughing: :wink:



Was my favorite place to go surfing 30 years ago! Hoping for lots of new great things in Blocs Norm.


I’m having problems with custom classes not being able to override project settings for colour and font selection, but it seems limited to the navigation menu. After setting the source to none, rather than primary I’m still limited to whatever is set in the project settings. Elsewhere I’ve not had problems.

To give you an example, if Helvetica was chosen for navigation links in project settings, but I create a custom class with Lato, it remains on Helvetica, unless I then change to Lato in project settings as well. It’s the same with colour choices.

Further down the page inside a paragraph bric I can do what I like with custom classes for styling.


@Norm, where do find the api call for global attachments?


It’s in the api calls, project calls.

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