Blocs 2.5.3 Beta Build 4


Blocs 2.5.3 beta build 4.

Here’s the fourth beta release of 2.5.3, this build focuses on adding new features to forms to help with GDPR.

Build highlights

• Added new form type function (allows custom posting form types with services such as and using a custom action url).
• Added support for custom validation form notifications.
• Added support for checkbox required.
• Updated standard form Bric to include opt in checkbox.

have fun.

Download Blocs 2.5.3

GDPR and Google Fonts

There has been some discussion regarding Google fonts and GDPR. Im aware of the situation and working on some improvements to Blocs to help with this. I have made good progress today with the implementation of using local web fonts within Blocs. I cant promise the support will be added before the 25th of May but I’ll try. I just wanted to make you all aware that local web font support is coming and the work is already well under way :raised_hands:

Blocs 2.5.2 is now available

This is probably a crazy idea, but if Blocs had some means to send an anonymised IP to Google for the fonts would that work?


Blocs isn’t able to do that. Your browser sends the IP, not the website.

You would have to perform a server side script therefore.


Just a thought from a novice.
Do web ‘bots’ tick checkboxes?
Just thinking of a very basic type of captcha.


@Norm The contact form is now completely messed up for me. I was just asked by a client to change their email address on a form, but instead of simply changing the to address it is attempting to open a page with that email address, leading to a 404 error…

I’ve selected self hosted as the option and then all the normal variables appear but it’s going to a page, rather than Show Message as selected. I tried going back to 2.5.3b3 but the problem is persisting after having saved it in b4. The problem is happening here


I wouldn’t recommend editing client work in betas especially ones with barely day old features.

Could you send me the project file directly so I can export at my end and see what’s up.


I just got it to work through shear luck after switching from b4 to b3 and then going back to b4. Sure I’ll send you the project file to see if you can learn anything from it.

One strange point I noticed was that after saving the change in b4 initially and re-opening the project the project it was still showing the old address.

I think some sort of documentation on the new features in b4 would also be useful.


Hi Norm,

Thanks so much – this is really awesome. Looking forward to the beta.

Your quick consideration of our remarks here in the forum and the rapid implementation is just stunning and makes using Blocs an even more enjoyable experience! Keep up the great work!


For sure. Just keep backups with the betas, at least until they have a few days in the wild :+1:


I have time machine, super duper and Backblaze so I’m pretty well covered in that regard.


There are some changes to the js validation scripts so make sure you flush cache too.


I had done that several times on various browsers. Actually I did it before even viewing the site, but for whatever reason it was attempting to redirect to a page that included the recipient email and that ought to be completely hidden.


Hi @Norm
I make a standart form, and in the sidebar:
Type: [Self Hosted]
Send To: []
From: []


then save

when I select the form again, it is changed in to Type : [Custom]


Form is not working

do I miss something or a bug?

Blocs 2.5.3 B4


@sandy I have exactly the same problem among others and created a support ticket. It’s also failing to remember the send to address. I had further problems with another website last night after updating the contact form.


Looks like a bug I’ll get it fixed up today :+1:


Ok found and fixed. It’ll be available in a few hours.

Anyone looking, build 4 has been withdrawn as it breaks forms. A fixed version will be issued in the next few hours.


There is a new release of build 4. the download file should be called Blocs-2.5.3-beta-build4.2 so make sure you hard reload page when you visit the beta download page.


@Norm, sometimes when I add a class with cmd-v the class is not adding it, when previewing in the Browser.


pasting it into the class field?


The latest version b4.2 seems to have resolved a number of issues for me. Previously it wasn’t even respecting colour choices for text in project settings. This version is working rather well so far.