Blocs 2.5.3 Beta Build 4


Yes, the class field in right sidebar.

Here a video, of what I mean.


Had the same issue whereas you cannot cmd+v the class name (in 2.5.2). Either you type entirely or if already exsiting type the first letters and choose it from the ones proposed as you type.


@Norm If you need to write a long legal style tick box consent request for the new form we could really use a bigger box to see the full text when editing.


It’s the same issue I’ve found in other areas of Blocs, such as the page settings where it’s impossible to see all the text in the SEO page description for example.


The required “tick” on a tickbox in an form does not work as expected! The form will be send either way: with and without being ticked. This makes no sense to me, since it should be a required field, i.e. if not ticked, the mail should not be send. Thanks to have an eye on it :wink:


I don’t get that with all my tests. Make sure you flush the cache, the form JavaScript files for posting and validation have changed and will only work if the latest ones are loaded by the browser. If it’s loading the old one, it will not validate the checkbox.


This is worth reading regarding cache.


Hey @Norm, I was wondering if you could possibly plug in a fix soon for a topic I wrote about recently in the Help forum. Just looking for a way to change the global background color of the page, so vertically short webpages don’t end up with white space underneath a footer of a different color.

Changing Color of White Space Beneath Footer

As always, much appreciation for the work you do. Been using Blocs since early Version 1, and this has always been a challenge for me (mostly because I love darker, simplistic websites).


That worked! Thank you, Norm!


Yeah I have somthing planned for this later in the year :+1:


Something a bit odd going on with the form in this beta. On the layout option shown in the screenshot, switching between the two choices seems to barely change the appearance in any view, apart from the labels for name and email etc, which change from bold to normal font weight or vice versa.



2.5.3 Build 5 will have a bigger box.



I don’t know if I explained my last point clearly. If I click between the vertical and horizontal three bars in the layout setting, it seems to have no tangible impact on the actual form, other than changing the label font from bold to normal or vice versa.

Larger windows for entering text would be welcome all round in several areas of Blocs, so we can clearly see what is being written.


Hello Norn,

the Drop mode in the Macbook Pro Touch Bar is not working. Also it would be very nice, it you could add the “Preview in Browser” to the Touch Bar


Yeah the touch bar isn’t finished yet. Ive been meaning to finish that off.

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