Blocs 2.5.3 Beta Build 5


Here’s the 5th beta release of Blocs 2.5.3, this build introduces something pretty awesome, the ability to use local web fonts in your Blocs projects. I’ve worked around the clock to get this feature in so those of you worried about GDPR and Google Fonts now have the option to download other web fonts and install them for use in Blocs.

The process of installing local web fonts is covered here.

Build highlights

• Added support for local web fonts.
• Made validation error message fields bigger.
• Added support for half width text fields and colour wells in Bric Builder.
• Fixed issue that allowed multiple dots to be inputed with class name.

Due to the size of this update, I’m considering recategorizing it from 2.5.3 to Blocs 2.6.0

Download Blocs 2.5.3


Hi @Norm

Impressive your response to urgent needs.

Those of us who are fully involved in the GDPR are grateful.

Thanks for your effort.


@Norm I’ve been explaining to a client how complicated it is to sort out the server hosted fonts to comply with GDPR and I shall take full credit for your efforts :wink:

I think this deserves to be called 2.6.


Always impressed how fast you add features, when also thinking, that you work at the same time on Solis and BlocsApp 3 :slight_smile: :+1:


Quite a useful method for downloading Google fonts efficiently described here, though you’ll still have to convert them in most cases.

Basically you install Skyfonts and then download through


Here a free Mac App Font converter:

They also discussed why svg and eot fonts are no longer needed:

@Norm, does BlocsApp also supports the woff2 format?


It would be very nice, if it were possible to type the first letters of the font name on the font selection dropdown and that only the matching fonts appear.

I like the new font feature a lot :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s coming later in the year :+1:


Great :sunglasses: :+1: Can’t wait to see Blocs 3 :grinning: But take your time


I’ve just uploaded a web page using the latest beta and the forms are including the Form ID for each label in the email that arrives, which looks pretty ugly, so you end up with something like this:

Name3_21879: John Doe
Message3_21879: test now
Input_1834: true

That last point is the tick box acceptance of terms. Should we be removing the ID in each case, which is automatically generated or can this be considered a bug?

I’ve just uploaded a page with web fonts and it looks correct, but when I checked with the web developer in Safari or Chrome it says that woff2 is missing and gives a 404 error. Should we presumably be adding woff2 as well? I have eot, svg, ttf and woff uploaded.


@Norm I’ve gone back and added woff2 to the import folder but Blocs is not exporting them. We have fonteawesome fonts in woff2, but not regular ones, so there is always a 404 error on the page.

It doesn’t stop you from viewing the site normally but the error is there. I guess the only way around would be to manually upload the woff2 fonts separately from the initial export.


OK if I upload woff2 separately the 404 error goes away.


Those are the id’s of the items in for forms. Set them and Blocs won’t auto apply generated names to them.


I’ll get that fixed up.


New In This Build
Added GDPR consent alert regarding the use of emails in software support tickets.

Not entirely clear to me, this is exactly what?
Is the obligation to provide information to visitors?
Where can I find this in the latest beta?
Today I downloaded the latest beta. But I can’t find this function.


It’s s GDPR requirement for us as s company (Cazoobi limited). When you post a support request in Blocs to tell us about a bug, we need your consent to reply to you.


Ok, I understand.
What if someone wants to contact me through the contact form?
We need the GDPR requirement to?
The contact form will send sensitive and personal information.


If the form sends sensitive and personal information the answer may well be yes. For more general emails it shouldn’t be necessary, but at the moment all the answers seem to depend on which lawyer you ask and as a designer it seems to be down to what your client wants.

To me it seems obvious that if you contact Norm with a support request you are clearly giving consent by default to deal with your enquiry, so either the law is too complex or there is too much misinformation out there about what GDPR requires. I dare say this was added, like so many cases, just to make sure it doesn’t become an issue at some point.


You can add a checkbox to your forms in Blocs 2.5.3 (release name 2.6) and make it required. With this, the form cant be posted without consent.


Thanks, I’ll try it. I need to use this.