Blocs 2.5.3 Beta Build 5


When I click on the download button I get this?


Try using a different browser.


Yup…So don’t use Firefox…Safari worked…


It might be because the betas are shipped as a raw dmg file. Firefox probably tried to open it.


If and when you get a chance can you look into centering the hamburger menu option as I described in my public posts with pictures? Margins and padding does not work precisely. As a browsers window is resized it moves off center looking worse.


Perfect @Norm . Thank you very much! Thats great. Is it possible to select a complete font family?


I’ve been reading some of the ICO’s material in support of a very small non-trading group. I have proposed the following approach, that I’d love comments on, that is different:
The ICO guide to the GDPR describes a number of lawful bases (pl. of basis) for processing personal information. One is explicit consent (eg a tick box).

Another basis is Legitimate Interests that can be used “where you use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact”. Replying to someone using an E-mail address that they gave you seems to me to fit that. There is no need here for explicit consent (a benefit to both sides) and it seems to me to be the ‘common sense’ part of the regulation.

Our case is different to a trading company but, nonetheless, I’d welcome any comments.


@Cmd-F I see it like this. If somebody sends you an email through your DIY website about the materials used in a door handle or enquires about the cost of fitting there is nothing of great personal sensitivity and the checkbox is overkill, unless you have evil plans to sell off the information to spammers, which is pretty unlikely.

If your website is involved in the field of embarrassing medical conditions then you probably need to be more careful. I’ve added the tick box consent to a couple of my own websites and now thinking about removing them, because nobody is likely to send me highly personal information and even if they do that was their own choice…

For clients I’m leaving it up to them and I’ll go along with whatever they want. Most couldn’t care less, but one in particular felt obliged to add advice on using social media in her standard terms and conditions, which seemed faintly bonkers. You can’t buy her products unless you are careful about what you might see on Facebook :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I try using a non Google local web font it doesn’t look right in edit mode or when previewed in Blocs or Solis, but it does look correct when previewed inside Safari.


Yeah it won’t work in Solis yet. What font is it?


In this instance it was Gotham Light.


If I set padding on a structure bloc to fullscreen and start adding various rows of text at a certain point it runs into the global footer and clashes. Shouldn’t I be able to add as much text as I like there without this happening? It seems to preview OK, but it’s a mess in edit mode and pretty much unworkable.


Is the Bloc a full screen Bloc?


I’ve fixed the woff2 issue, the next build will take care to import .woff2 font files as well as standard .woff ones.


Yes it was, but curiously the problem went away after I changed it to XL - 150px.


Full screen will do that as it gets a fixed height set to the height of the window.


OK fair enough, I’d never tried it before. I thought the height would change automatically as content was added and just allow you to scroll.


I have the same problem.

See recording.


That’s actually worse than I experienced, but probably because you have more text.

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