Blocs 2.5 beta 6 problems with typography

Greetings to all, I am working on a new project but I have a small problem with the typography, in blocs app the typography that I am using is that of OSWALD Light / OSWALD 300, and it looks great, but now I see it in the browser the typography in the paragraphs becomes bold.

I tried to change it with some class but still always in the browser it looks in bold format.

I hope someone can guide me in this regard, greetings and thanks:

Hi Nelo,

Try selecting all of the text & then hit the blue span button (in the text window shown above) - then create a class & set the class to font weight normal.


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It has already been tried with the classes, but still does not respect the changes, in the block application it looks good but in the browser, it does not respect the changes! I leave you an image

In app blocs it looks good whether you use classes or do not use them, but in the browser they do not look the same.

When you click on your class ‘txt-titular’, what settings do you have set in the class manager? Be sure to save changes in the class manager window.

This is the configuration you have, I do not know if I miss something!

LOL ! You have ‘Weight’ set to Bold. Set that to normal.

But I need the browser to look bold, not normal.

In bloc app it looks great, it looks bold in bold, but not in the browser! I’ve already tried removing the classes but it still looks normal instead of bold

Oh, your original post made it seem you wanted normal weight :wink:
If, in fact you have tried adding a class to the paragraph & row & even the div & set those to bold, then maybe it’s a bug.

Could try setting up a little custom css to override it, as I showed you on your other post.


hi, @Norm I attached an image of what a new project looks like in beta 6 in the Safari and Firefox browsers, in the original project in blocs app you should see the headlines in Bold and the texts in paragraphs in normal, but it looks different in every browser!

Is there any way to make it look the same in all browsers?

yes, originally yes, but delete the block that you use for that text and I returned to add another block with that solve the paragraph stop coming out in bold, I do not know why it would come out!

Now the headlines look different in different browsers,

Just to confirm, you really need to publish the page before you do a final check in browsers. In preview, custom fonts usually won’t load properly.

Have you checked with the current version of Blocs to confirm this is a beta issue? Looks more like a web font rendering inconsistency with browser as if the correct weight is being loaded and honoured in your live code the browser is in control.

Do you have a live URL I can take a look at please.

I leave the url of the site:

upgrade to beta 7, I have not tested it in the current version of Bloc, only in the beta.

Holders do not have any class at this time, only the bold option that brings the deaf party’s paragraph.

I do not know why it happens to look different in different browsers, thanks for answering greetings…

this is my fifth project working with blocs app, I’m interested

Hi, could you check why it looks different in different browsers?
thanks for answering