Blocs 2.5 build 2 image background not showing

Hi guys so did anyone has this problem in preview mode I can see all the images just fine but once I export it and go live don’t see the images, meaning its blank, also I’m adding more images to the asset panel but when I export I see the same number of files it’s like the export is limited to 68 files and anything you add above that replaces some other image instead increasing the exported count.

can anyone explain this, please?

And one more thing I cant delete video files from the asset panel ??
Meaning there is no right click menu.

thanks everybody

This is strange, not sure why its doing this.

So when you export to a fresh location you only get 64 images? Have you checked the export, is everything else exported correctly?

I just did a quick test with a larger project and it exported no problem with all 1400 images copied out correctly.

So I looked closer, and it seems that changing the name is fixing the issue, I’m not sure if it’s because its capital letters or the dash in the middle but when replacing the name it’s showing the images now.


Could you share an example of an image name change please?