Blocs 2.6.0 Beta Build 6


Did you re-install the font? You may need to and make sure a woff2 version is available in the targeted directory.


I figured that might be a problem, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, then I restarted Blocs. After that I made a point of choosing the relevant fonts again in the project settings before uploading and there is definitely a woff2 file in the fonts folder, both locally and online. When I go into the web developer tools it’s only showing ttf and svg.


EDIT I just checked another website and it’s the same issue.


Did you check the style.css for the font rules, move the woff2 higher up the chain, it’s probably not top and used as fallback.


I’ve just checked the exported style.css file and sure enough it lists svg and ttf before woff or woff2, but that wasn’t an issue in b5 where it loaded woff by default, unless I manually uploaded woff2 as well, at which point the browser loaded woff2. It’s never needed to load ttf or svg previously in browsers like Safari and Firefox etc.

Surely the style.css file should be suggesting woff2 as the first choice these days with woff as the primary backup for IE


Yeah, I can force woff2 or woff to the top.


Woff2 is faster loading so I would be inclined to add that first, followed by woff, which has 95% of the browser market between them. Anything else can pick up ttf or svg.


The thing is I’m not sure it matters what is rendered first, the point in having a range of files is for browser support. As long as the font loads visually does it matter much??

You could always just import woff2 files only.


I didn’t realise it rendered faster.


If you only import woff 2 you are losing IE and only cover around 75% of the browser market as shown in the caniuse link above.

Woff2 offers a 30% average gain over Woff. At first it only worked with Chrome but now others have caught up.


This article is almost 18 months old now but has some useful information.


You really only need Woff but it’s worth adding Woff2 that will be loaded by browsers that support Woff2. Woff2 files are significantly smaller than Woff and therefore load quicker.


Assigning custom classes sometimes doesn’t work for me. Trying to assign a custom class to a text box and when I click it, it enters but then removes the custom class immediately.


Yep, sim to Brocky’s problem, I had a client who was pasting in a custom class & then clicked somewhere else & then clicked back & the class was gone.
@Norm Hoping this is a easy bug to fix.




Adding a Label turns into a Form after you click off it.


labels and other form related html objects are auto wrapped into a form. Use a heading or paragraph for standard text.


Figured that out earlier :roll_eyes: Thanks Norm.


Hi! When do you suggest 2.6 stable will be released?


You (the community) tell me when it’s stable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But to be slightly more helpful, this is how I judge it. If no major data loss bugs or wide spread crash issues are reported within 4 days of release, its stable. To be honest Blocs beta’s are generally pretty stable and when somthing major is up it’s usually found within a few hours of the beta being live.

2.6 will ship early next week with a few key fixes coming in this Thursdays beta, there is one potential major issue regarding page mixups that I’m investigating that may be wide spread or just limited to a specific project.


Did that page mixup involve an entire page of contents disappearing from one page and suddenly appearing on one or more pages elsewhere? I’ve had that happen a couple times with this beta and just thought I must have done something really nuts.


Yeah that’s it. I thinks it’s somthing todo with duplicating pages or Blocs. I have various clues but not able to replicate consistently.