Blocs 2.6.0 Beta Build 7


This build fixes a bunch of issues with local web fonts, Pulse 5 template exporting and a few other bits and pieces.

The process of installing local web fonts is covered here.

Build highlights

• Populate save as file name field with next available file name.
• Added inherit text margin option to revert back to standard bootstrap text margins.
• Added support for JSON files to be added as project and page attachments. API support also added.
• WOFF2 and WOFF are now automatically selected as the default choice in the @fontface css rule generation.
• Improved export perforce for larger projects.
• Fixed issue that allowed pages to have the same name if they are edited via the page settings sheet.
• Fixed issue that caused assets stored on external drives wrapped in Pulse blocks to not correctly export.
• Fixed (rare) issue that caused pages to get mixed up on export.

Enjoy and have a great weekend :+1:

Download Blocs 2.6.0


That old problem with font naming is back with b7. It should be listed at Lato-Light.


I’m also seeing an odd issue where header text is appearing very heavy, but only in the hero bloc when using Chrome or Firefox, which almost looks like a cross origin issue. In Safari it’s fine.

It also appears to be loading woff when woff2 is also available.


Improved export performance is great.

You have solved my problem :smiley: thanks for that.
Exporting project is really fast now.

We have created so far about 10 different projects with Blocs. Saving time between my UI/UX department and frontend is enormous.

I really appreciate your work on improving Blocs every time.

Thanks @norm.


Something odd going on with the description length notice. It says the description will be truncated at whatever length of characters is included. In practice this should be limited to 320 according to current guidelines.


Two things here…

  1. the character limit only means that the description that shows or is displayed below the title tag in the serps will be limited to 300-320 characters.
    It does not mean that exceeding that character limit will mean that Google only reads that number of characters. Exceeding the 300 limit is okay. It is still read. Just not displayed. But you need to try and keep the meta description to that length. It’s a guidance.

  2. Blocs could get rid of the meta “keywords” entirely.
    It’s not used at all…and hasn’t been for years. This could give you more room to display more of the meta description characters. It would make it easier to read.

Proceed cautiously @Norm …If you leave the the Keywords meta tag some people may feel better. But it doesn’t change the facts. Really the two or three main Search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and even a handful of others don’t use the keyword tag.

The two main meta tags used are


All the others like cards, author and more are helpful.
Perhaps a place to add those tags would be better.


@HMM Is there any SEO advantage in exceeding 300 characters for description? I honestly don’t know. From a practical point of view I’d like to see it count down from 320 to zero as you type.

I’d also like to see a character figure listed in the SEO Title for user guidance. Actually the SEO title would possibly make more sense to users if it was renamed as browser title.

I agree the keyword window is completely pointless and wasting valuable space in the interface, but I guess that’s a difficult one for Norm to remove, since there will no doubt be some who wouldn’t listen to facts and decide Blocs is no good for SEO. This will only change though when app designers take the lead.

I would like to see built in options for twitter card and facebook open graph at the very least. On my sites that haven’t been built with Blocs I also include structured meta data as standard.


There can be…dependent upon how well written and important your description is. There are thousands of tech sites (some I have overseen) that require precise inclusive wording. They can often be a bit longer even though you have done your best to keep them as short as possible. Google, for example, is very smart at figuring out if you are spamming or not.

The character limitation is telling you in general if nothing changes that’s all that will be visually presented in the SERP. It’s also telling you to make a good effort at your grammar, keywords included in the description, etc.

There are many other apps that have finally dropped the “keyword meta tag” …That tells someone who knows about the facts that this “app” has got it right. It looks smart. Of course there is a million other things.

It helps if you have spent some number of years (like 20 or more) doing nothing else but doing SEO as a full time income source, learning about it, what works and what does not to pay your monthly bills. There certainly is a lot of BS out there. But there is everywhere about everything these days. Try doing this work for LL Bean, Hilton, JCrew, and other major retailers who have to compete in a complex landscape.

Then try it for a very small online retailer who’s only source of revenue is their website. There is only so much you can do. Product mix, images, pricing a host of things go into the mix.
I teach companies large and small. I have to perform. I have to live up to what I promise.


@Norm There is something very strange going on here with the fonts in b7. I tried switching from Lato to a non Google font called Gotham Light and it was working fine apart from that issue in the hero bloc I mentioned earlier. I just looked inside the font folder on the server and woff2 was missing, despite having been loaded on the computer.

I tried uninstalling Gotham and reinstalling, then restarting Blocs. Gotham is clearly there in the manage fonts section, but no longer available inside project settings as an option, so I’ve been forced to use Lato again. Museo Sans is also missing in project settings.

EDIT Despite Woff2 being on the server for Lato it’s still loading Woff.


Or… better still the whole page property menu can be widened and lengthened and increase it that way for more room?


That’s been requested previously, at least in the sense of providing more space to see text while writing.


Did you uninstall and then re-install the font with build 7?


Yes I did. I’ve been doing that with every beta build with a restart in-between.


Regarding the export issue. Is the woff2 present when exported in the font directory? Is woff2 the top choice for the @font-face css rule.


When using a Google font, woff2 is present in the exported folder, however it’s not even listed in the css.

@font-face {font-family:‘Imprima-Regular’;src: url(’./fonts/Imprima-Regular/Imprima-Regular.woff’);src: url(’./fonts/Imprima-Regular/Imprima-Regular.woff’) format(‘woff’),url(’./fonts/Imprima-Regular/Imprima-Regular.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’),url(’./fonts/Imprima-Regular/Imprima-Regular.ttf’) format(‘truetype’),url(’./fonts/Imprima-Regular/Imprima-Regular.svg#Imprima-Regular’) format(‘svg’);font-weight: normal;font-style: normal;}


This tells me the install of the font has not completed correctly.

Just to confirm did you use the font manager in build 7 to uninstall and the reinstall. Replacing the files via finder work fix the issues.

I’ll do some checks today and triple check that woff2 is being used correctly.


Yes I definitely did all this with b7. I opened a project in b7, removed all the fonts and then added them again, followed by a restart. Afterwards I went to project settings and added them again for each text type e.h H1, H2 etc. I don’t know if that last part is necessary, but I’ve always done it to make sure. I’ll have another go if you like but it’s affecting all projects.


OK here is an update. I tried removing Lato as a font and then restarted b7. Then I added it again and restarted. When I open the project and go to project settings Lato is not available now as an option, despite being present in the manage fonts area.

On a different font matter, I tried looking at the font issue in that hero bloc where it appears very heavy in either Chrome or Firefox and removed the type settings that was set to Lato. It immediately appeared heavy and reverted to Josefin Sans, but when I closed the project it did not ask me if I wanted to save the project and when reopened it’s back to Lato again.

Elsewere in the project it is using some fallback font that looks like Times.


Did you open the main applications Font Manager, un-install the custom front from the entire app and then reinstall it, that is what is required. Doing it at project level wont make a difference.


Google, Bing and few other major search engines might not use Keywords, but that is not universal and there are a number of search engines still out there (and we can’t make our clients use the ones we think they should use) that do still use Keywords.
But you are right we should be careful in how we use keywords (or maybe not at all) because in the wrong way or not matching the page’s content it will have a negative effects on the site’s ranking via the big search engines! Also your competitors can use it to see how you are targeting your website. Ok, so maybe it is a relic in 2018!


I am uninstalling and then re-installing via the font manager as shown below.


Afterwards when I go to project settings any font that has been added to b7 e.g Lato or Gotham is no longer available as an option, despite showing up in the font manager.