Blocs 2.6.0 Beta Build 7


Does that mean we should not use SEO Keywords at all?
Instead we should use SEO Description?


So some fonts show, others don’t in the in-app font selection Dropdown?


The only fonts showing are the ones I haven’t touched since installing b7. After the problems with Lato and Gotham I left the others alone.


Ahhh, the world of SEO!
The major search engines don’t use it to rank your website, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use keywords. What you have to be careful of is that the Keywords you use has to match what is on your web page otherwise the search engines will chastise you for its improper use and demote your site’s ranking. The same goes with Keyword stuffing.

So what you have to work with is Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 tags, Title Description tags (Tooltips) and Alt tags for images to make impact with your sites SEO and the major search engines.


“Meta Keywords” are ignored by the search engines now. “Meta Descriptions” are often (but not always) used by the search engines as the “Description Snippet” that appears under the “Blue Link/Title” in search results.


Thank yall


Could you DM me a copy of your localfonts.dat file. Its located in Application support/Blocs 2/data/

It sounds like that file has got jumbled up some how.


It won’t accept files in .dat format by the looks of it when sent as a DM. It goes though the upload process, but fails to appear. Can I get it to you by some other means?

Out of curiosity I’ve just looked in the fonts folder there in application support and not one of them includes woff2, despite being in the local folder that was used for import.

EDIT: I zipped that localfonts.dat file to send as a DM.


There are two kinds of “keywords” you are referring to.

  1. The old unused by all reputable search engines “meta keywords”

  2. The other and the important one is the “keywords” you use on your page. The ones the user (and search engines) actually read.

Don’t use the keywords “meta box”. It will do more harm than good. You can actually get knocked down or seen as being spammy. Over 97 percent of all searches are done with Google and Bing alone. They don’t use the keyword meta tag.

Take some free advice from an expert …educate your clients. It’s your job and they will appreciate you for it. Hope this helps end the confusion somewhat.
Design can not be taught in a few sentences…neither can SEO. Web designers are “generally” the last people to get advice from about SEO. There’s some simple things to follow. They have already been stated.


Think that’s a good idea too. We just don’t need the keyword meta tag Title and description.

I also wish the title tag would be placed properly above the description meta tag instead of below it.

Just to be a little more clear about the keyword meta tag…
The keyword meta tag is not used by the most popular search engines as a “ranking single” in your serps.
It is however used to a degree for “retrieval”. Using 4-5 of the keywords that are on the page you are trying to optimize “may” be okay. But should be used by those who are knowledgeable enough with keywords that your potential user may be searching on.


Are you talking about the HTML?


I’m seeing a strange problem in b7 with remote hosted video. I link to a remote asset and it all looks fine, but every now and then I open the project and it has defaulted to the blue sky video. When I click on the player and select the correct one it applies it to the background, rather than the player, even though the background image in the side panel remains blank. Then I find I cannot get rid of the video image on the background, so I have to quit without saving.

After restarting Blocs the blue sky video is still there, but this time I am able to add the remote video normally. This has happened 3 or 4 times now.


If I go to the asset manager in b7 and remove items, then quit blocs, there is no popup to save the project. When you next open the project the assets are still there.


I agree with @greenskin and @HMM

I think the most important elements besides keywords for SEO are the H1 and H2 on your site. Google basically use H1 as a title or meta description and H2 as a subtitle. Alt text on images is +2 element for SEO and as green says keywords need to match the content on the site.

My 2ct :smiley:


Surely H3 and H4 tags are still useful though in the sense of indicating what is intended as a section and subsection. I was under the impression these can help your ranking when used appropriately.


We are always using H1 for the titles and H3 for the subtitles. H2 is used if we have more brics layout in the same page. To not overhelm the user with big titles :smiley:

Recently we have run a SEO check. And had a 87 % ok. They have told us why you don’t use H2 on your site. We are using. But not always. You can not say to a designer that you should always use H1 or H2 for some things. H4 we are using rarely the others. H5 and H6 :blush: sometimes :smiley: We are having also a custom css for bigger slogans etc.

As SEO is important for your ranking. In my opinion is the design and content more more important then some chunk of code :smiley:


It seems that templates are not saving in b7 unless you add some keywords. They are not just unsearchable. They simply don’t register.


Odd I’m not able to replicate the template issue. Maybe the app crashed after x number of page template saves.


In my case it failed on the first, second and third templates with no crashes, but I can see what is going on now. If you make a template from an existing page without changing the name it won’t save, unless you add a keyword. If you change the name of the page it will save without even needing a keyword.


Macupdate is reporting that 2.6 has been released, but surely this is still in beta.