Blocs 2 not working

Hello Blocs,

I unfortunately have to post this on the community page.

I had purchased blocs 2 - Personal Edition in 2016. My laptop crashed recently and i had it replaced with a new one. And i thought i would simple use the old licensing key and have the Blocs 2 version work. Sadly this didn’t happen. I did right to support@uistore and the alternative email address[] lends you nowhere and after writing to the customer care there has been absolutely no response.

I had even requested to either recover my old license or update to the latest version at a price. This request has not been paid any attention.

This is unfortunate way blocs has been dealing with the customers and making false promise of “one off purchase that you own forever” which sadly is not true.

I hope and wish the someone from the team can address this and hoping they can resolve and at least keep their claims made on the website.

I apologies to the users that use the forum to resolve product related issue. Im hoping that the customer care address my issue and not ignore my emails.


Have you tried any of these links from the Blocsapp support page?

Thanks Dave! Yes i did try this. I guess the earlier the account was handled by uistore which is no more supported by them. And no one is responding to the emails.

The current one is handled by Cazoobi. I have provided them the invoice and details required. but there has been no action.

I haven’t been there for a long time because this is Blocs 2 you are talking about, however I was able to login at and deactivate a computer that is no longer in use. It took all of 30 seconds.

I can login to the account but i cannot reactivate the license with the license key. hence i reached out to the blocs customer care.

Not sure if im doing anything different that is not working.

There is a two computer limit for each licence. In the list of computers online delete whatever you no longer need then try registering it on your new computer. That should work I would think.

N.B It’s under the My Products tab inside the store. Then view licenses and click the manage option.

Thanks for your help! I did deactive and activate. but it doesnt work with the existing licenses key.

Maybe i using the wrong version of the blocs app. As i cannot download from the account.

Did you upgrade you Blocs 2 version or purchased a new one?

I also used to blocs 2 version and doesnt work.

I started with Blocs 2 and then later upgraded to version 3. I don’t really deal with licensing issues and I am just another Blocs user like anybody else here. Inside the My Products tab I just clicked on the red text where it says “View Details and Downloads”. From there I was able to download a copy of Blocs 2.

If none of this works I would go to and sign up if necessary then create a support ticket.

On a side note there is a massive improvement in Blocs 4 compared to Blocs 2. I cannot remember the last time Blocs 2 was even mentioned on the forum.

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Unfortunately i see this popup when i click on “personal Edition”

Maybe i should just upgrade to the Blocs 4 version! :smiley:

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I don’t know what the download limit is for Blocs 2 but it seems like you have exceeded it. Perhaps @Norm could help you, but yes the difference between Blocs 2 and Blocs 4 is huge. Unless you are using an old OS I would also think the risk of compatibility issues with Blocs 2 is quite high now after 5 years.

Thanks! I have seen the new version and hence wanted to upgrade it. Just that i would need to pay for new version. I appreciate your help on this. Thanks a lot.

And yes you were right that the limit is for just two devices. It does give a confirmation. But it seems like it doesn’t recognize the key

I think upgrade pricing is for Blocs 3 only.

But we’ll worth getting 4. If even for the more modern and latest Bootstrap framework versions.

Thank you for all the help from blocs community!

I have decided not to go ahead with Blocs as this problem can resurface again and i don’t want to spend endless time writing and resolving a license issue.

I’m left with is question on how ethical this whole process was?

I just recently successfully installed Blocs 2, Blocs 3 and Blocs 4 without issue or any intervention.

@arunmota, I’m sure @Norm can assist your situation. Your issues sound very odd and inconsistent to most users experience with Blocs to me.