Blocs 3.0.1 - Is Your Old Project Crashing?

Hey everyone,

I’ve had a few reports tonight of Blocs 3.0.1 crashing when opening old Blocs V2 projects, anyone seeing this?

Just tried it with a very barebones Blocs 2 project and it crashed the moment I clicked the migration option.

really! Im not getting that at all!

Could you send me the project file please?

Check your messages. It’s there.

Not crashing here.

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Can open Blocs 2 files and do not crash. :wink:

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No problems here. Opened and migrated a Blocs 2 project just fine.


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No crashes here. Adjustments needed as expected - but everything fine.

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Ok patch is now pushed. Blocs 3.0.2 is now available.


Tested 3.0.2 and migrated the same project without crashing.