Blocs 3.1.1 Beta Build 1


Here it is, Blocs 3.1.1 beta build 1.

I changed a few things with export in this patch update so Im going to run it on beta over the weekend to make sure nothing major is broken.

have a nice weekend folks :partying_face:

Download Blocs 3.1.1


Thanks enjoy the weekend too.


For some reason I was no longer seeing the url option to view a page on a mobile over the same wifi with 3.1 release and that is now fixed with this beta.

This beta is now prompting to save newly added background videos to a hero bloc, yet still failing to show when Blocs is restarted. Instead it defaults to the standard video of the blue sky with clouds.


If I have a bloc with a font set in the side panel e.g Open Sans and then duplicate that bloc, any subsequent font changes are replicated across both blocs, rather than the one that is actively selected.

As a basic example, if I clicked on the paragraph bric in the second bloc and changed it to Lato this would change the first bloc as well. This is something I’ve seen in the past with betas before Blocs 3 was released and doesn’t happen if I add a new bloc, rather than duplicating an existing one.


I’ve reported this with previous versions of Blocs, but it’s still an issue. If you export a page “as image” it shows all the page editing areas, rather than the way it should look when published. On a side note I’d like to see an export as PDF option, either in Blocs or for Solis.


Not sure if this is new or not:

For example: Add a custom class via the class manager. Set a width, margin, etc. for desktop. Go to mobile view, remove the width and margin. After clicking done, the changes don’t save, they resort back to the original value placed in desktop.
Note: I have tested this with the tabbed content bric, using the .nav-tabs class


Is the font applied via a freehand class?


I’ll check that out.


I’ll get this fixed up.


I had altered the column width and offset, though I’d have to check if that was relevant. Otherwise it was just a bulk standard bloc, where I’ve added a title & paragraph bric. When duplicated, changes inside the edited bloc are reproduced in the other one.

I discovered this by creating some sample fonts for a client to see and found the problem after duplicating a bloc, then editing the text from the side panel.



I think this video shows it fairly clearly.


This is fixed and ready for todays patch update.


Not sure if this is a bug or if I am just seriously uninformed but here’s what I found in 3.1.1 BB1 (I’ve not tested in earlier builds):

  1. New document.
  2. Click the “+” and search for “video” and note you only get 4 choices. So if you want to just add a video, you then only have the two “hero” choices. Choose one.
  3. Since we only want a video, not a navigation bar, we want to delete the navigation bar container. So look to the left sidebar and right click on the topmost “Container.” Sadly, there’s no contextual popup at all. To me, that’s a bug because I can right click on “Row” and “Column” within that “Container” and I get a contextual menu with the option to delete, so I don’t understand why such cannot apply to Container too.
  4. Right-click on Row inside that topmost column and choose Delete. Note that the “content” is gone but the row is still there. That too I think is a bug because it is non-intuitive. I told Blocs to delete the Row, which means it should have done just that, deleting the row and the Column and all the goodies inside. But it only deletes the goodies inside. That’s counterintuitive in my opinion and should be fixed.

All said, you cannot simply just add a video, it would seem. And during the process of trying to get just a video applied to the page, you cannot delete Containers or the Rows and Columns within the Container you are trying to delete.


Here’s another problem. Again, I’m no expert on Blocs so maybe there’s something obvious I’m missing, but it seems to be buggy behavior to me…

  1. New document.
  2. Click “+” and then search for “Navi”
  3. Choose “Navigation Menu Right”
  4. With the Bloc still selected, click in the “No Colour Set” field in the right sidebar and choose “+” to add a color, and then make that color BLACK.
  5. Note that “Company” has changed to gray so you can still see it, but the menu at right is now gone. I don’t really like that. If Company auto converts (inverts colors) then so should the menu. Maybe not a bug but a serious gripe from me. OK, now let’s fix that.
  6. Click around in the dark until you can find the Menu and select it. (Yes, you could dig into the left sidebar, but I like clicking on the page.)
  7. Click in the “No Colour Set” field in the right sidebar and add the color WHITE to make it WHITE. Note that you can now see “Home.” (Sure which this job would be automatic when a BLACK background is chosen, but oh well.
  8. Preview in Blocs.
  9. Click SM or XS and note that your “Home” is gone and you cannot see the 3 bars (hamburger) menu either, probably because it’s black on a black background. To me, this is a bug. I’m sorry, but I just cannot see how this is the way it should work.
  10. Go back to page view and click around until you select the hamburger menu (Toggle). Now note that you are not given the opportunity to make it another color in the right sidebar!
  11. Click “LG”
  12. Select “Home” and note in the right sidebar in the Appearance section where it says “No Colour Set”!! You can still see the text, thankfully, but the fact is says “No Colour Set” when you actually set the color prior to preview is definitely a bug.


James W.


According to the following thread, one need only click the rightmost transition to get slides to fade as they change, but in my testing of Blocs 3.1.1BB1 in Safari and FireFox, regardless of my transition choice, the transition is abrupt (no fade at all). And yes, I’ve even tried adjusting the “Animation” settings but to no avail. I must therefore assume this lack of fade transitioning is a bug.

Also, what’s the trick to get Animations to work? I’m not able to get them to work at all for some reason. For example, I click on an IMG and then ensure Type=“Appear on screen” and Style=“Fade in” and Speed=“Slow,” but I don’t see any fade at all, neither when Previewing in Blocs or in Safari.