Blocs 3.1.2 - Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

I created a card using Brics. The inside of the card consists of an image, h3, h4, and a button.

The h3 & h4 each have their own ID assigned to them so that content (name and price) may be populated dynamically from our database.

Now, I needed a total of 9 of these cards, so I duplicated the one I had created 8 more times. I went through each one and updated the h3 & h4 ID’s accordingly.

This is where the problem occurs. When I change the ID’s of the headings on one card, it changes the ID’s on ALL of the cards. I tried a workaround where instead of using Brics for the h3 & h4 I used an HTML widget and updated the ID’s through it, but I got the same exact results.

Is this a bug? Or is this just the way Blocs works?


Hello @brewmeisterbean, do your cards all have different ids?

No, the cards themselves do not have their own ID’s. Just the h3 and h4 elements inside the cards.

i just notice that when you duplicating cards the naming is the same on the left layer list. But when you look on the right side (id entry name) the naming is different and it exports like that,

when you work with code widget then the content is always duplicated doesn’t matter if you change it in one widget. it applies to all. that needs to be changed. but thats a job for @Norm


try to create 9 cards in the row without duplicating


Good reporting, @rusmir. This is the same issue I am running into. Thank you for taking the time to take screenshots and sharing your experience. Hopefully someone can address this.

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