Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 1 🥳


Happy New Year folks!

Here is Blocs 3.1 beta build 1. Lots of new stuff, so take care to read the change log. I’m aiming for 2 weeks in beta for this version so give it a good kicking and let me know what you find here (remember to mention its the beta and the build number)

Im still fixing some outstanding issues, so if you have reported anything and it’s not included in this, its likely it will show up in the next few builds once I fix it up.

Download Blocs 3.1 beta build 1


Hi @Norm

Happy New Year.

Impressive. Looking forward to test already.



It’s worth a quick read to see what is new in Bootstrap 4.2.1 which comes with this beta.

@Norm Do you want bugs reported here? The first thing I’ve found is that the UI Switch option appears to do nothing.


what do you mean does nothing? When you set the checkbox style does it become a switch?

It’s working fine here, maybe try it on a new checkbox to rule out custom
Classes effecting it.


I mean it does nothing. I set it to switch and it remains as a checkbox. This was a brand new checkbox.


Hmm :thinking:

Try exporting. Is the version of Bootstrap css file included in the export v4.2.1?


Try adding a basic form and adjusting the checkbox included in that.


If I add a form and choose switch it works correctly. I exported the project and the CSS shows 4.2.1.


Ok I know what it is I’ll get it fixed in build 2.


@Norm Most of us do not know how much time you’ve put into developing and maintaining Blocs 3.x, so this is just the Table of Content. Thank you, Norm :grinning:


@Flashman nice post. I checked out the list new version of Bootstrap, does this mean Blocs 3.x can implement these new features without copying and pasting or writing code.
For us not too familiar with code, it would be challenging.


In theory we should be able to make use of those custom classes and they’ll just work. I haven’t had a chance to test these yet.


If I knew how to test them I would… maybe one day :slight_smile:


Wasn’t there a option for cleaner urls without the .html extension? @Norm

After exporting they get organised into folder but they all have the .html extension still?

EDIT: After testing, I’ve discovered that exported pages get organised into seperate folders which are named based on the Page Name of the in Blocs, while the page (url) is called index.html

i.e: I have a page called Services in Blocs, when I export, it creates a folder called Services and then the page is inside called index.html

EDIT 2: Screenshots attached below:


Yeah that’s correct, upload to your server and the live urls don’t contain the file name when you click links to pages, just folder path. The actual files still needs a file extension.


I am able to export to clean urls with a .php extension.


There is something slightly strange with the masonry gallery. If images are set by default with a left alignment they appear correct and centred in edit mode at LG, MD and SM, but not at XS where it is aligned left. It’s all fine when previewed.

If I change the alignment to centred, it looks correct at all breakpoints in edit mode, but breaks the formatting when previewed on LG and MD.


I see now, although for some reason sometimes when I have a ‘Navigate to Page’ link in the nav bar, it returns me a 404 error as the url has been modified by adding ‘-1’ on the end.

I.e >


I am seeing a very weird bug where any page I preview shows the home page instead.


I can report that the Pulse 5 CMS export works again! Thanks @Norm

A couple of small bugs - (already filed but @pulsecms should be notified here, maybe they can help?)

  • Pulse 5 “inline editor” is not working with Blocs projects, probably a css conflict
  • “Branding folder” is over-writing avatar and login backgrounds that are set from Pulse dashboard. Probably don’t need that folder created in the Blocs 3 export file

And one feature request

  • A way to set/reference “Pulse Blocks folders” when setting “Block Id’s” in the Pulse bric. All Pulse “blocks” created by Blocs 3 (anybody confused by the blocs and blocks terminology yet?) are ending up in the “Pulse 5 Blocks folder” which on a big website could be 100’s of files… Workaround is to use “pulse 5 tags” inside a “code bric” instead of a “Pulse bric” but would be nicer to be able to use a “Pulse Bric”, especially for newbies.