Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 1 🥳


I’ll check that. The -1 is being added because the export found two pages with the same name. That may not be the case, so I’ll
Check that.


I had a similar problem last night and created a ticket. The site is live, so I’ll look at it again this morning and edit the same project file in 3.0.7 then upload it. I also found the contact form was suddenly broken and giving error messages after the update.


I think it’s all related to the new clean url export feature. I’ll have build 2 out this afternoon with most of the initial broken stuff patched.


This is now fixed and ready for build 2


This is fixed and ready for build 2.


Perfect! Quick turnaround @Norm, much appreciated.


Reading about 4.2.1, it looks like they added push notifications via the “toast plugin”

@norm Any change of having this added?


You can add them now but you will need to add your own JS logic to display them.

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