Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 3


hey guys, is there an impact for the google ranking with the clean url?


Hey guys, somehow the Clean URL thing is not working. If I go to any page and want to go back to the homepage it will reload the same page and the link to Home is not it is e.g.

I have another project and that is working perfectly. No idea what is happening here.


Generally positive, but certainly no worse.


In the project settings do you have your home page set with the folder /zubehör/ in the web address?

That might explain this.


No my homepage is Home ( I have a general navigation that is the same for all pages and I did the same with the other project and that is working.


If I go to your home page it takes me toör/index.html


That is the problem. If you click on the logo in the top navigation it takes you to the index.html within that folder and back to the main homepage and if you click on any other link or button you will get an error since that page is not in that folder.


Just exported my page again without the Clean URL thing. No idea what is not working here. Lets wait for some other beta builds :wink:


What do you have in the web address window? I always leave this blank deliberately.



Exactly this. Web address is and home page is Home


It might be useful if you let Norm see the project file.


I guess so. Since the other project is set up the same way and I had no problems exporting it with Clean URLs


Is it just the nav bar logo link that is broken like this?


No everything else. If there is a link to the kontakt page it will use instead of

I just created a ticket for this. Let me know what you need.


Blank bloc bar and the clean url preview mode export issue are both fixed and ready for B4.


Yes I guess you could call it that. I’m limited in the number of options I can add to a custom bric. I can see the first several but at some point they get hidden/cropped and can’t be seen. Hopefully that makes sense.


Im working on the API and other 3rd party dev parts starting next week so I’ll try to get this patched up then.

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