Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 4


Here is 3.1 beta build 4, patches a few outstanding issues form build 3.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Download Blocs 3.1 beta build 4.


I still get the same easily repeatable crash in Build 4 as I have in previous builds when moving columns in the left sidebar. Below is another crash log. And here’s the video I sent to you previously. (23.0 KB)

To confirm it’s not something unique to me alone in this world, I opened a Guest User (to ensure squeaky clean prefs, etc.) and I ran 3.1-Build4 in Trial mode. I did exactly what you see in my video and got a crash. I would therefore encourage my fellow beta testers to try the same thing and see if you too get a crash. Thanks.


Yes folks give this a try, let me know who can replicate it.


I tried exactly the same as JDW. No crash.
Maybe it has something to do with the OS.
I’m on 10.14.3 BETA 4.


Same here, I have tried to follow the video many times, but no crash.
At the same time, I do notice quite often that moving elements in Layer Navigator is not always smooth.


Tested this myself. New project, opened into full screen, loaded the same gallery, moved the same bric and it was fine, continued moving brics around for around for another 2 minutes with no issues.


hey @Norm i got this bug:


Are you referring to the black scroll bar track?


I cant replicate it either.


tried to replicate but no crash


But I remember in earlier Versions of Blocs 3 (can’t remember which one) this happened to me too.


Why does font awesome have that dot, which isn’t present for the others? Also wondering when font awesome will be updated. It’s now on version 5.6.3.


The little blue dot indicates the icon set that the currently selected icon is from and the blue selection bar indicates the currently selected set that is being browsed.


It would be useful if there was a means to identify the collection and icon in use from the side panel, even if only as a tool tip on hover.


OK I’ve just found a major glitch here with this latest beta struggling to add structure blocs.


Hi @Flashman

Not a glitch at least for me. The issue is just that the blocs you are trying to select are a little bit outside of the window (overlay on the top) if you scroll down just a little you will be able to select them. This used to happen to me all the time and now I have selected more rows in the window to avoid the issue.



I wasn’t trying to add brics. This was just trying to add a new structure bloc and it wasn’t working for the first 5 or 6 options. After restarting Blocs it worked again as usual, but I’ve had this happen a couple times in Blocs.


Hi @Flashmann

I meant blocs - (just updated my post). On your screencast you can see there is a window overlay on the structure blocs you were trying to select. The top is darker than the blocs below.



I’ve just tried it now and had no problems even when it was 90% covered by the area above.


Great so it must be a random issue then.