Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 4


yeah it’s been there since day one, however its so random I still haven’t been able to track it down. It may actually be a bug with the NSCollectionView, it’s not uncommon for the apple appkit elements to have bugs too.


No, on the left side the page is cut off and on the right side there is a white border.


Am I right in thinking a change has been made to the implementation of lazyloading?


That’s reassuring. Thanks. But did you also try it in 3.1 build-4, in accordance with my video instructions?

It makes no sense that I get it rather consistently, even in a squeaky clean Guest user, when no one else gets the same crash. Then again, who else here has a late 2015 5K 27" iMac running High Sierra? Maybe it’s machine and/or OS specific?


I started my Mac Mini (Late 2014, 2.6 Ghz, 8GB) and LG Wide screen from an external HD with 10.13.6.
Followed your instructions with Blocs 3.1.Beta 4.
No issues.
Sorry man.


I just followed this step by step and even tried holding it in place for several seconds as you did to see if it would provoke a crash, but nothing. This is on High Sierra 10.13.6 with a Mid 2010 Mac Pro. If I have time later on I’ll try it on another Mac that is still running El Capitan.


Looks like a custom class is causing that. Do you get it on export, what does the inspector (preview mode, right click > inspect) show as being the cause of the white space ?


Only the asset urls that are used are now adjusted when clean URL export is used. Why do you ask?


I ran a test last night and exported a site to a test domain with lazyload enabled, then I created a sitemap, which listed all the images, including alt tags. That has never happened before, since it typically just lists the lazyload graphic and stops there.

I assumed you had changed the implementation method for lazyload to get around that problem, but if not, then perhaps clean urls make this possible or maybe Scrutiny has found a way around it. I had a discussion with the developer about this some time ago, but ultimately it needs to work in a way that Google can still index the images and up to now that hasn’t worked when lazyload is enabled. This also applies to pdf files and videos.


I am using web fonts on the server, partly because I prefer it, but also to comply with GDPR. I just took a look at a site and noticed a mention of Nunito via Google fonts, so I dug deeper and there is a CSS stylesheet for that links to Google. That doesn’t seem right.



That’s not a blocs file. Have you checked your pages for an attachment?


Just checked now and there are none. I first picked this up by running a speed test at Pingdom.


Can you not export the project and check the CSS directly after an export?


Good thought. I’ve just checked and it’s not there, which begs the question where is this coming from? The site is 100% Blocs.


Are you able to remove all files from the server and re-upload the project again?


Yes, I’ll have a go now.


It’s no longer showing up on the server in the CSS folder, yet still appearing when I check with the web developer and I’ve cleared the cache a dozen times.

EDIT: Just run another test and it’s still showing up with Pingdom as well.


Hi @Flashman

What if you perform a search for Nunito on style.css ? The result would give which class has Nunito as a font reference.



It seems to be linked to the title:


Also appearing for the bloc colour:

font-family: Nunito;


Now if you go back into Blocs in the class manager for instance do you have a class named title ? The title would be in a medium grey color as well.