Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 4


Yes there is a class called .title but I cannot see any place where it was being used. It would be very obvious with a text size of 45 and a weight of 700. I can delete it, but this shouldn’t be there.


Mystery solved. I had a settings page I had forgotten was even there and it had a list of fonts sizes etc used on the project for future reference. One of the headers was in Nunito.

I wish there was an option to make pages like this a draft that isn’t uploaded.


Fun solving mystries… :wink:



This was still showing up in the code, even after I changed the custom class to Gotham Light at active, hover and normal. In the end I had to delete that page from the server before it went away.




This is something I’ve found in the past with Blocs where custom classes can be incredibly sticky and edits need to be made several times before they actually change. It just seemed easier to delete the page.


Indeed. I have also come across some strange behavior although always difficult to re-produce.



Well, when I open beta4 in OS10.12 (Sierra) when I try to add a structure, I see all the blocs full height - even when the Blocs Bar height is set to 2 Rows

After I add something, then the row height is observed - weird.


So either I alone am simply cursed on this planet, or I alone have found this deadly bug which will spring upon unsuspecting Blocs users upon release of Blocs 3.1 golden master. Either case is not pleasant. I’m open to hearing further thoughts on how I can help the rest of you see what I am seeing.

I just now finished doing yet another test. I cloned my iMac’s internal drive to an external 2TB SSD, then I updated it to Mojave 10.14.3 (newest, just released) on that external SSD, then I installed Blocs 3.1 Build-4 and followed the steps shown in my video. Same exact crash. Crash log below.

I also found that the startup license doesn’t play well with Mojave’s Dark Mode. So I guess that is another bug. Next thing you gentlemen will tell me you can’t replicate that either! Ack! (24.6 KB)


This is normal, full screen on empty docs for the first insertion. It’s in the change log.

The reason: There is no need for the popover as the entire canvas is empty, it makes sense that the full space is used for selecting your first item of the page.



• Do you have any 3rd party apps running system wide, that launch at start up? (If yes switch em off and test especially window manager apps like moom)

• What type of mouse are you using?

• Do you have secondary click enabled?

Personally I think this is configuration related, as soon as the config options are identified I stand a better chance of replicating the issue.


I don’t have “moom” or any “window managers.” I do have Little Snitch, DropBox, 1Password, Macs Fan Control, Keyboard Maestro, App Tamer, iStatMenus, and SwitchResX loading at boot time. However, when I launch a Guest User, only iStatMenus and LittleSnitch appear in the menubar; and as I said before, I get the same crash in a Guest user too.

My mouse is a standard Apple wireless mouse – the same one Apple ships with every iMac.

Yes, I have right-click enabled on my mouse.

My mid-2015 15" MBP at home is largely the same configuration as my iMac at the office, but I will test build-4 on my MBP tonight and see if I get the same crash.


I’m using Littlesnitch, 1Password and Dropbox without issue so they shouldn’t be the problem.


Anyone else got issues with Clean Page URL’s and images loading, specifically I have this scenario:

Main Folder

  • img
  • example (a folder with a web page inside - clean URL)
  • css
  • js

The link for the example page would be:

However, the images are not loading at all, I right clicked to view in new tab and checked the URL and it shows this:

The directory for that file would be /img/example.jpg and not /example/img/example.jpg

They work fine on the home page as the home page doesn’t require a folder. @Norm will send in my project for you to look at, I’m sure you know what I mean however.


I’m not having problems, but I’m storing images remotely in another folder. For some reason lazy loading is no longer blocking sitemaps from listing images in 3.1 and that’s good, but I’d like to know the reason.

On a different subject, setting up a custom class here for button text and it’s white on every size, but XS that refuses to budge.


regarding the button text colour, use the preview inspector to find out why.


Not had an issue with custom classes. Usually it’s caused by something in the project that you just can’t see!


Its an odd one. I will keep working on replicating, I have a range of Macs here in the office with different set ups.


It’s a brand new project. It will actually turn white on hover.

EDIT: The old gremlin of having to the delete and apply the colour four or five times before it actually works. It’s OK now.


I’m here at home on my MBP. I installed Blocs 3.1 Build-4 fresh and ran it as a trial. I followed my video steps and got the same old crash. Below is the crash log. So it’s very repeatable for me across different Macs. (23.4 KB)