Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 4


I just partitioned my external SSD, installed MacOS El Capitan, 1Password and Dropbox (no third party startup items other than those), and then installed Blocks 3.1 Build4 and tested the same was as shown in my video. I got the crash right away. Below is the crash log. This test was done on my late 2015 5K iMac. We cannot say the iMac is at fault here, in light of the fact I also get the crash at home on my mid-2015 MBP. (21.7 KB)


Thank you for making such a huge effort to help get to the bottom of this problem. I am very grateful and will do my absolute best to try and analyse all of the reports and apply a bug fix.



Ok I’ve finally been able to replicate the issue. This is what you have to do in order to make it crash.

• Select a parent layer.
• Now click and drag an unselected child layer without releasing the mouse button and move it.

If you first select a child layer and then move it, it doesn’t crash. You need to select and drag a previously unselected child layer to get it to do this.

I can now get this to happen to any layer in the tree.

So its down to technique, but it needs to be exactly the same in order to replicate.


Ok I have it fixed :partying_face:

Seriously, thank you. :pray:

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