Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 6


Here it is folks, Blocs 3.1 beta build 6. I’ve tried to sweep up the last remaining bugs related to the new features in this build as I intend to release 3.1 early next week unless something truly show stopping comes up.

Please take this build for a good spin the over the weekend.

Download Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 6


When do you sleep Norm. Thanks for the fixes and updates! :slight_smile:


Good question.


I have a background video in a hero bloc that is disappearing with every restart of Blocs and needs to added again. It also has a tendency to come and go when previewed as well.


Is it hosted or local?

Do you get the same results in 3.0.7


Local. It’s here on the computer.


Yes it’s the same in 3.0.7 and strangely enough it doesn’t show the project has been edited after adding the video again.


No problem. I get plenty of sleep. I’m just very organised :nerd_face:


So when you apply a video the save flag is not set. Si when you quit it doesn’t ask for a save?


That’s right.

Correction on earlier statement. That is actually remote hosted on the server. I’ll try with a locally hosted video to see if it is any different.


OK found the problem now. If the video is locally hosted on the computer it saves as expected, though preview is still unpredictable.

When remote hosted it is lost every time Blocs restarts and does not prompt me to save after adding the video.


Hi Norm,

In testing I found the following not to work any longer in Blocs 3.1.
I have an imbedded excel spread sheet using an iframe in an HTML bric which I wanted to make responsive and I had wrapped with the following:

div class=“embed-responsive embed-responsive-4by3”>

<iframe class="embed-responsive-item" width="980" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"

Work great in Blocs 3.0.7 now all I see is a blank page where the spread sheet should be. I guess the newer version of bootstrap works differently.

Any ideas on how to fix this bric or make an iframe responsive with the new version of bootstrap?

Update: I found this in Bootstrap Doc, which seems to say it should still work as before?

For what it is worth when I open the 3.1 copy of the project file with 3.07 it not longer works as well.


@Norm New 2 Col feature Blocs looking good. I notice that the default text size in the new 2 Col Feature default paragraphs, is reduced to a small size at the SM screen. It is set 1rem for all 4 sizes but look about 0.7rem at SM size. Heading text size is reduced too.


I’ll check that. The text should be effected.


Is this broken in app or on export?


Both in the app and export


I would say two things have made my day beautiful :smiley:

IP preview on mobile devices is mhmhmh <3 and url striping. But the url striping is still not working well for me.

I have still folder names with -1 at the end. Someone has already say that this is fixed. But i still see this.

And this is the new/latest build


That should be gone now. I just tried it on a site and there was no problem. Have you exported to a folder where the contents were already present?



IT is not @Flashman.

Latest build. Check video. No export folder created. Project exported. All folders are ok. I take some change on text. Exported again in the same folder. The folder naming is not overriding and updating. It creates duplicate with -1

If this is fixed not sure why am still having this issue.

I was so happy to have this feature :smiley:


OK you clearly have a problem there, but I suspect the cause is something different than earlier betas. In my case I always delete the existing export folder first, then I find it works fine as a clean export. If I do it your way I get the same result as you.