Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 6


Lol yes i have try to delete first the folders. And it works like you say. Normally blocs 2 works like a charm when you are re-exporting the project. My expected action is that by re-export the folders will be overwritten.

I will let somebody else to raise ticket to @Norm :smiley: he had enough from me for last two days :smiley: hahaha


Yes you are right, something has changed here and it would be better if Norm sees this himself. I kind of wish Blocs would only export changes, rather than the entire website when something small is updated, though I know that can also create problems at times.


yep that’s the problem with just replacing changes. tracking is the problem. am always deploying the folder to production. but we are using jenkins for deploying :smiley: so it tracks all changes per folder versions :smiley:


Ending up putting a wrapper around html & iframe as well as adding some CSS code to make the iframe responsive. Works fine with 3.1 beta 6


I’ll see if I can fix this up so the main directory is flushed when exporting to same location :+1:


any news on fixing the img/url folder bug when using clean exports Norm? I sent in a bug report about it a week ago, completely ruins the clean export urls for me.


@norm Sorry I meant to write MD instead of SM above.


I’ll take a look. I’ve got no other reports of broken image urls with clean URLs. Is there anything specific about the URLs? What type of images are these?


Are these local images that are uploaded to the img folder on the server? I am remote assets and upload images to folders with different names. There have been no issues with clean urls breaking links and it’s hard to see why they would.


See attached screenshots:

Normal Export:

Clean URL Export:

The location for this image does not exists as the images get exported into the root directory all in one folder called ‘img’ and they don’t export into page folder, so every image that isn’t on the home page is effectively not found.

EDIT: Just to confirm, I’ve added an ‘img’ folder inside the ‘door-range’ folder and added the correct images, its now working, see screenshot:


Ahh it’s the retina images. Yes good find I’ll patch that for the mainline release :raised_hands:


Any word on the custom bric sidebar issue? Any chance that’ll make it in?


Cheers @Norm, much appreciated. To be fair I think it’s all images and not just the retina versions, only tested on a 5K iMac however.


Afraid not, API is still in alpha, which means that work is on going in the background.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: ok I’ve never had images missing but I’ll dig in on Monday and see what’s happening.


Let me know if you need any more info regarding the issue. Thanks


How sure are you that the normal res images are breaking too? Remember normal res images won’t load on a 5k iMac once exported. It looks like the srcset attributes are broken giving you 404’s on the @2x and 3x images. The normal image src attribute may be fine (which I think is the case). If I need anything more I’ll follow up in ticket :+1:


Not 100% sure, but wouldn’t the normal images be loaded from the same URL/folder directory as the @2x and @3x?

I’m no expert here as you can tell!


Found another bug… Basically saying I have duplicate assets in my project.

Searched for the asset in the entire library:

Added the images into the project:

Result says there is a duplicate:

It does this for 4 files I think and I have no idea why @Norm


Just realised what’s happening here. I found that my MD view was set to 70% and I can’t recall changing the view to 70%. When adjusted to 100% it is OK.