Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 6


It may be to fit the canvas on screen if there is not enough window height.


Thanks. I know ant to look for now. I would love to have a lock on that feature.


I guys, I saw a discussion on Blocs 3 on another site, but I thought it would be best to talk about it here :wink:
The Lg breakpoint doesn’t limit the size the browser can be rendered at. Simply add a background image to a new project and then resize the browser - the image shows at whatever size is desired. Looking at the css - there’s no media call that limits the viewing width above 1200px. It appears some are under the impression that you can’t go above 1200, which isn’t the case, as I’m on a 5k screen & currently can see over 2000px wide.

To help alleviate some confusion, @norm Could you change the lower-left info box for LG to read “992px +”, as that would be more accurate.



Do you mean this one Bill?


Good idea :pray:


Ahh cool I didn’t even know this forum existed. I may join, who runs it??


Was wondering where @teefers went around here, guess he strongly voiced some things over there concerning Blocs. Seems to be various discussions regarding Blocs. At least it seems things can actually be discussed on that forum, many of those threads would be locked or deleted on the RW forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anybody can join. Indeed you would recognise a good number of the developers there. I think it’s basically an alternative to Realmac’s own forum and discussion appears to be quite flexible there. You’ll notice there was a long thread there on elementor for example.


I think you should join and recruit someone to make a Bloc’s CMS that works within your API


They would be deleted in about about 3 minutes and the original poster would be banned for a thousand years at a guess.


RW4ALL is just a cool, well run place to discuss stuff where threads don’t get hidden or deleted and members don’t get banned for saying what needs to be said. It has already become the most popular and active RW based forum but there is a lot of general advice and interesting topics that apply to anyone creating web sites. E.g. The most replied to thread is about Wordpress and Elementor Pro.


I didn’t even know it existed until now


You may wish to keep an eye out for this forth coming one, by @webplus


@Blocs_User, thank you for the mention.


Yes, that’s the one :wink:


Sure, join it. Marten from rapidweavercentral runs it. I’m sure you joining will cause all kinds of chaos (lol) :laughing:


I saw this behaviour to0, over the weekend. I have multiple created groups with different images. And from time to time it can happen that the assets folder are blank 8but they containing still the images). When you click on all folder shows all images. After restart images are back in the assets folders.


Quick update on the asset bug.

If I add all assets at the same time, there is 5 assets that cant be added due to apparent duplicate file names. So I clicked replace asset, counted the assets and 5 were missing. Added the assets to the relevant places, worked out which assets were not in the asset manager. I then added each one individually and had no problems at all, strange but still not right.


This is now fixed and ready for the main release of 3.1.0


Cheers Norm, amazing as usual :raised_hands: