Blocs 3.1 GM 1


Because of some last minute changes to the export functions, Im going to run a quick GM build just to make sure nothing is broken.

This is pretty much the production version of Blocs 3.1 with the following improvements.
• Added a cancel button to the page settings sheet.
• Force full fresh export when exporting over the top of another directory when clean URL export option enabled.
• Fixed issue with clean URL export breaking on srcset images.
• Fixed issue that left unneeded animation data attribute on exported HTML when data set to none.
• Fixed issue that caused broken empty pages when exporting with a search query in the page navigator.
• Fixed issue that caused previews to not be updated if a search term is in navigator when project wide change takes place via project settings.

Download Blocs 3.1 GM1


Perfect. Thanks @Norm. Not noticed anything unusual, seems ok from what I’ve been doing with it.


@Norm what is a GM compared to a Beta?


Golden Master. Basically its the final product that gets released to the public but still in beta and not publicly released so if there is a breaking bug it won’t affect the masses. Essentially its the finished version unless a major bug is discovered.


I remember seeing something on Facebook about being able to live preview Blocs pages in development on a mobile phone if it was on the same wifi network. How do we go about enabling that? I am using an Android device.


Local network preview:


Thank you. I tend to work with php as standard, which explains why I wasn’t seeing this. One observation is that after switching a page to html I have to save it before that url option becomes visible. Once completed though it works really well :+1:

I should add this is tricky as hell on another design app that I will not name…


@Norm Quick question: Why does local network preview not allow a php page?


I haven’t figured it out yet basically. I plan to do that at some point. The php local server is different to the static html one.


The visibility bug with the fullscreen bloc is still there.


I am seeing this as well.


There is css and js folder issue.
I stored the lity.css and lity.js files in the folders.
Implemented the files to the page settings. After export the files have been deleted from the folders.
I remember that issue back in version 2. Is it a bug?

The work around is to store the files in a seperat folder in the projects main folder.

Another issue:
When you attach the lity-files in the project settings instead of page settings the videos will load twice when you’re online.

I hope I explained it right.


Are you using clean url export?

Are you linking from within the export location?


No clean url.
If you mean the css and js folders of the project - yes.


I should explain more to the video issue.

It’s a link to a youtube video.
The link is inside a popup window.
when you click on the link the lity modal screen opens and shows the video.

All works well when you attach the lity files to the page settings.
The video shows up twice when you attach the files in the project settings.


Do you get the same results (problems) in Blocs V3.0.7?


Yes. Same problems on both versions.

When you store the litys in the projects css or js folder they will be deleted when you export your project.
when you store the litys in a seperat folder they will be eported to the project folders.
Explanation OK?


I’ve sent you the blocs file.


Ok I’ll check it out. Because its not directly related to 3.1 the fix may come after its release.


It’s not dramatic because of the workaround it all works fine.