Blocs 3.2.0 Beta Build 2


Wow my site is jacked up lol ! Just ran it on there. i have a ton of 301 errors I wonder if it has to do with the new way the urls are set up? , all my anchors are tiltled span and many other problems. I love Blocs but after finding this out I may have to find something else .


Yep, hidden blocks are still seen by web crawlers. Currently, Blocs uses .object-hidden which has display:none.

If you really want to get into it you could write js to remove elements not being used. It gets complicated real quick, as you would have to check the device width and then assign each similar section w/ a unique id or class that the js would target to remove from the dom. Not something an ordinary user should try to tackle, it would get involved :wink:



Same here.


This really is bad news.
But how come, that in your modal example file your video stops playing the sound when you close the modal?


Content hidden per breakpoint still exists in the code it’s just hidden in the visual output. This is by design the way Bootstraps visibility utilities work.

It’s extra work but I would always try to keep a single set of data (single Blocs) and use styling to achieve a more refined mobile look, rather than just hide entire sections especially above the fold.


You should share your results, it’ll be interesting to see how much of this can be fixed or avoid with a little input from others.


The light box auto switches off but that is because it completely removes the modal from the memory and then re-creates it on the fly when required. Modal Brics do not work this way.

You have all you need to implement a way to pause vids with 3rd party snippets/solutions in Blocs now.


I actually don’t think JS would remedy this. I think it needs to be addressed at the server level to be 100%, but it is indeed a lot more involved.


I don’t get this with Foundation at all. It just works and I don’t have to mess about. I believe that is because it uses interchange.


Does foundation use bootstrap 4?


No. It’s Foundation.


Doh! Of course it is! I’m still waking up.

Does it use the foundation css display utilities or somthing at the server level to handle breakpoint visibility?

These are the foundation visibility classes basically the same concept as BS4.


Foundation uses something called interchange by default so this just doesn’t become a problem and I’m surprised Bootstrap hasn’t done something similar. Visibility alone is a fairly blunt tool.

An alternative that works at a server level would be to use something like Agent. For the most part this works brilliantly, though I have run into the occasional glitch with certain server configurations and it breaks if using Litespeed for example.


This is mainly a problem if you have a large header image that needs to work across different breakpoints, particularly with hero blocs. I generally find mobile works well with a square image, while desktop can require very long rectangular images to work on a large display. In both these instances you usually have a menu and header tags that the search engines are then seeing multiple times if using visibility for breakpoints.


If I understand it right, using a video bric in a modal bric doesn’t make sense at all.


I still can’t make the Modal to display WIDER when I preview. I add a class, set percentage width, make the Column bigger, etc, but nothing works. I can end up making it more narrow than the default, but I want it to be wider than the default. Specifically, I am thinking about using it to merely display a photo that spans the width of the page. How do I accomplish this?

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James W.


@Norm I’ve just been doing some digging and apparently Bootstrap can make use of interchange from Foundation. The same thread also mentions something called adaptive images that may be of use. I suspect this is what Agent mentioned above is based on.

In Foundation you generally add an image, then have the option to allocate separate versions for mobile, tablet and desktop and Foundation takes care of it on the published page. If we could do that in Blocs it would be a lot easier and avoid these multiple elements seen by the search engines.


Cant you just change the background image of the Bloc using a class?


Yeah, I need to look at that, it may require subclassing or some sidebar options for the modal container that let you select a pre-defined size from a selection.


I’ll give it a try now to see if it can work. Incidentally, when you click on background image in custom classes it opens a general finder folder and surely it would make more sense to open the asset manager.