Blocs 3.2.0 Beta Build 2


It does, it just doesn’t auto pause it by default when the window is closed. But there is nothing stopping a designer from applying something to handle that all within Blocs using a 3rd party solution.

Some videos may be youtube, vimeo, local or some other platform and most require different solutions to auto pause when a modal is closed. Some modals may contain videos some may not, so with all of this in mind, what Im trying to say is there is no efficient feature I can add to efficiently handle this. It’s best that the designers decides on the solution and uses, page attachments (for JS), custom data attributes and ID’s (for binding) to implement it. :+1:


Yeah it will in the new class editor.

Anyway, you may need to add clear the bloc background image from the inspector options as it may override it Im not sure.


In theory this should work, but I’m seeing some very odd crops in hero blocs when previewed at MD and SM. I deleted the other blocs and the original image, but it’s no longer looking the same. If this did work it would be a whole lot easier, because I’ve never liked having multiple versions of the same hero bloc for different breakpoints. It’s just plain fiddly and easy to make an error before that 5th cup of coffee.


You can control the background position too with class editor.

Class Editor Mk2 will have even more control.

I would suggest having a little play, its not perfect but having entire sections duplicated just for background images is not the way to go.


I’ll experiment a bit and start from scratch to see if there is a better way. It’s currently using the same margin adjustments on the text as before, but it’s all linked to the desktop settings, so that would need to edited for each breakpoint.

In practice I think this will be very fiddly to get right and take far too long, because there is already a big difference between what is seen in edit and preview, so the whole thing requires a lot of guesswork with repeated adjustments. Some images are obviously trickier than others.


@norm Where should a Modal Bric be placed? I went looking for an empty Bloc with full width and no height to add the Modal into so wondering if there is a trick to this.


It can go anywhere on the same page as the trigger element. It’s surroundings won’t have an effect on it once it’s exported. Once it’s triggeted is absolutely positioned with the bootstrap JS


OK thanks. I can see what’s happening now.


The disappearing elements from the tree does not seem to be fixed… Had another occurrence using beta 2 and again I did not notice when the elements went missing from the tree.


Do you do much formatting with text for example links within paragraphs that are bold, underlined?


Some of the changes I was making were a couple of text links within a paragraph that is part of an accordion as well as I had added a modal and making all buttons more consistent with a single class.

I went back and made some of the changes with 3.1.2 and now when I open the project with 3.2 beta 2 the elements are missing or when I select the element on the canvas the tree does not reflect the element.

I can send you a copy of the project if you need it? How do I send you a copy of the project?


Yeah send me a copy please


What is the process? Can I send it to you outside the forum?


@eagle you could use
You can send up to 2GB at a time.


I’m seeing this same problem. I was trying to add a text field and I got something completely different even though I had the text field selected in the list of Brics.


  1. Select Bric to be added to canvas
  2. Click where the bric is to be added
  3. Bric is added but it is not the one that was selected in the Bric List

I did some further testing with a whole bunch of different Brics and it always seemed to place a Bric that was 2 places ahead of the selected Bric in the Brics list.


Same here.


@Norm I created a new project using 3.1.2 with nothing in it but a single bloc. You can then open it with 3.1.2 and the tree behaves as expected but if you open it with 3.2 beta 2 the tree is broken… (25.1 KB)

Update: For what it is worth… Using 3.2 beta 2 to open the project and save to a new name it preserves the correct tree (although the tree displays incorrectly) and I can make changes under the new name with beta, then save the project and open with 3.1.2 and all the elements are showing correctly…


I’ve just seen a save pop up on this beta when attempting to close the project, moments after saving it manually. As you can see from the screenshot it doesn’t say edited, so there should be nothing further to save. I saved it again manually and then it quit without problems.


Could this be Time Machine copying the saved version at the time of the Close I wonder.


I made a bunch of changes to the tree which may have side effects, so it’s likely the fix for one bug created another.

I’ll get it patched up tomorrow.