Blocs 3.2.0 Beta Build 2


I believe I’ve had this issue too but not 100% sure. I’m positive I have.

My site is sitting at 95/100 due to some JS and google leverage caching (analytics/tag manager). I’ve spent hours optimising.


Hey @Norm the new blocs 3.2.0. is great. thanks. is it possible to open the modal on page load and don’t close it with a click outside? and it would be nice to have the modal centered on the page. may be you can add these points?


I’ll see what I can do.


Fixed and ready for build 3. I also added categories to the sidebar Bric library while I was down there fixing stuff up.


Just to confirm… Build 3 will fix Modals such that we can use it as a lightbox for a single photo and have that photo span the width of the page, is that correct? (Right now when I try a modal with a single photo in it, the photo in Preview displays quite small in LG & MD modes, a pretty decent size in SM mode, and displays nicely at the full screen width in XS mode. I want the power to ensure the photo displays at the full page width or near that in all modes.)


If you place a brick from the brick panel on the sidebar, the selected brick will not be placed


3.2 Build 3 has 4 settings for the modal width, Small, Medium, Large & Fill Screen.

It also lets you Center align the modal and toggle on/off the fade animation.

Hopefully this should help.


Yes this is fixed up and ready for build 3.


@norm Is there a way to open a Modal with a class so that you could attach a class to anything to trigger a modal and then trigger anther modal from a modal?


Don’t think this is exactly what you had in mind but you can use a modal within a modal. Just put the second modal trigger within the first modal.


@Norm Don’t know if you have seen this one… But I just tried to add a modal to a project at the 3.1.2 level and when I select the button to be the trigger I could not assign the modal to it. I would change the interaction to “Toggle Modal” and the modal choice would briefly appear and then disappear and change the interaction to “none”…

Maybe this is fixed in the next build.


no but its a cool idea but would require a little work to do.


Are you trying to assign modals in Blocs 3.1.2? That obviously will not work as 3.2 has the modal features.

If you are in Blocs 3.2 and you have a project created in Blocs 3.1.2 then make sure you modal has an ID, this is what causes it to show in the trigger list.


@norm, if we have created a project in 3.06, will it be neccessary too?
Will a stable 3.2 adress this to older 3 versions?


Sorry Im not sure what you mean?


I mean, if there is a 3.06 project and when updating to the final 3.2 version with modals, do we have to give the modals an id?

Ok, just saw the build 3 release notes - all clear know (allways ID) :sunglasses:


No I was using the beta it was just a project I had last changed using 3.1.2, I had to create a new button and delete the old button to get it to stick. And yes it did have an ID.

Easy enough to fix.


Could be caused by going back to an older version.

closed #79


Thanks for the help on this, its fixed up in build 4 of 3.2