Blocs 3.2.1 Beta Build 1

Here you go folks, Blocs 3.2.1 Beta Build 1 is in the house, this build is mainly focused on outstanding issues from the latest release.

Download Blocs 3.2.1 Beta build 1


@Norm Just had a bloc disappear in the navigation tree. Does this beta include more fixes in that area?

I couldn’t adjust freehand margins initially with this build. A restart fixed that.

Is there any reason why icons cannot be placed on the right hand side of a button? It would be useful in some cases where you want a visual push in a certain direction like a paragraph appearing on the right.


Hey @Flashman give the icon a custom class and set Float to the right. The symbol is on the right side.


That would be a nice option. You can align the icon to the right, create a class and control the placement. A little work but it can be done.



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I’ve just done this one floating right. It also required 5px of margin at left and top.


This website is going to be huge and I’m finding it really important to create very accurate custom class names that are easy to identify in order to avoid potential problems. When you are building a 5 page site it’s fairly easy to stay on top of things, but not when it becomes a 200 page site.

I can’t imagine 200 pages with classes. Good luck with that…:wink:


Yeah it’s seriously complex, especially given all the services and diverse layouts. I actually want to start going through and see if there are custom classes that can be deleted. It was only as the site grew that it started to become clear how every one needs to be named precisely.

Rather odd, but this build just cleared the recently opened projects after opening a project. This has coincided with very slow opening projects like I saw a few weeks ago.


Hello @Norm
A few days ago I sent you a project for PD, because a complete block and its 45 Rows had disappeared from the Tree of Layers.

Now with the new version 3.2.1 build 1 the block has appeared, which in version 3.2.0 build 7 did not appear in the Layers Tree.

But it only contains 1 Row with its 3 Column. Then appear 2 Link and 1 Br that correspond to 3 Column and the rest of the 41 Column’s do not appear in the Layers Tree.

It seems that Tree of Layers has lost the way and has been lost.
This is still a big problem for me.

I send a video with the comments before

With Best regards

Opened another time and it’s completely empty.


@Norm Before I could work with both blocs, the Stable Version, and the Beta, and save, open close independent. Now If I open in Stable and have the Beta opened, it will close both, then open both. I thing the 2 versions are in conflict. Probably is this that is creating @Flashman all that problems.

@Norm, regarding your reply here, I used the bug reporter to attach my document an explain the problem once again. But I would like to add that even duplicating my navigation bar (header) will not show that duplicate in the left sidebar. I then clicked the “+” icon to add a new Bloc, and but that new bloc won’t appear in the left sidebar either! I then added a Bloc lower down on the same page, and it added fine into the left sidebar. So this wicked bug is killing off any Bloc that dares rise to the top of my page. And the terrible part is, the part of my page I so desperately want to edit is at the top of the page.

It would be nice to edit in Blocs without the left sidebar, but for the life of me, I cannot always select the Column or item I want without using the left sidebar. That is the only reason I even care. But when the entire Bloc won’t show in the left sidebar, I can only click around in vain and select whatever Blocs wants me to select, which isn’t always what I need to select.

I so look forward to this particular horrid bug being crushed into oblivion once and for all time!

–James W.

UPDATE: I just now tried to delete the Bloc that I created lower down on my page (the Bloc which WOULD display in the left sidebar). After deleting it, it’s name remained in the left sidebar! Yet another related bug. And then when I tried to duplicate it, it duplicated but then then name vanished from the left sidebar. So there seem to be a lot of bugs at work here. I’m rather surprised that I seem to be the only person who has noticed it.

Yeah once that side bar goes out of sync it creates various issues. Thanks for the file I’ll take a look and get more patches in place today.

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Hello @JWD.

I have reported this type of errors to @Norm in several post and I have even sent several projects privately.



Ok this is patched and ready for 3.2.1 build 2.

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Im not sure if this is an OS issue as that list is managed by the OS not Blocs.

I have installed Blocs in macOS Mojave version 10.14.1