Blocs 3.2.1 Beta Build 2

Here you go folks, Blocs 3.2.1 Beta Build 2 is here already, this build is mainly focused on outstanding issues from the latest release.

Download Blocs 3.2.1 Beta build 2


@Norm There seems to a problem with PHP pages generated with PHP code added before <!DOCTYPE> adding a space in front of the PHP code that causes the PHP code not to work. I have to manually update the pages and take out the space to get the code to work… I am using SiteLok code and Adrian pointed me in this direction…

Thanks for the update.

I have noticed some oddities with the API template feature in Blocs 3.2.

The templates don’t seem to get the default values. If I go back to 3.1 things seem to work fine.

I don’t know if it could be some sort of Cache issue where it doesn’t recognize some changes I made to the template? It’s a head scratcher.

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Do you have default values set?

Code you post a visual example of where the space appears please.

Sure… Attached is a screen shot of generated PHP page.


I’ll get that fixed up :+1:

Btw is this being added via the global settings or the page settings input area?

This is curious. I added a masonry gallery a couple days ago, then deleted it. Now after starting this beta I see this message. The project was opened and closed half a dozen times today with b1 without seeing this.


Just right click and remove them.

Yes I know. The strange bit is why they appeared.

Just old references in the file, because this is a new feature they won’t have been flagged before. If you used them once, then uninstalled them they will trigger this window.

There is no space now in the accordion above the top paragraph.

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Yes, I have defaults in the template values. I prefer not to have default values in the fields, but I do provide them in the templates. Seems to work well in 3.1.2 and the default values get passed on as expected.

I’ve just heard from a TextBloc user that they are experiencing the same issue in 3.2

A quick look at the template file after preview and we see the defaults aren’t cooperating. I’m seeing /%data-attribute%/ in the template instead of the replacement defaults that are set in the Bric builder.

Hope this helps.

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Definitely something not right with the tree sidebar, I can no longer move things around in it, plus when you clock on a bloc to select it, a totally different bloc ends up being selected. Not sure what is going on here but it is unusable in this state.

Back to the release build for now, sorry!

Now the tree sidebar in the release version is behaving badly as well. I have a whole section of content that was visible while I was working on it, then all of a sudden it was not longer visible in the tree even though I could still see the content on the canvas, but nothing to do with it was visible in the tree.

Tried quitting and restarting and it was still not visible. Tried opening it in the new beta and still not visible.

What I do now as I need to be able to edit the content, but some parts of it I need to be able to select in the tree.

This is extremely disconcerting!

Yeah the layer tree is taking some work to get working right recently. Sorry, I’m pushing fixes daily on this. In the meantime You can select any item on the design canvas, the tree is not the only way to select.

If an item is tricky to select on the design canvas, right click one of its children (on the design canvas) and then select parent from the context menu.

If you could also send a copy of your file I can take a look and see what is breaking the tree in your file.

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@Norm I am adding the PHP code in the page settings.

Cool, thats fixed an ready for todays update.

Im not seeing this, any chance of the file please?