Blocs 3.2.2 Beta Build 1

Here you go folks, Blocs 3.2.2 Beta Build 1, this build is mainly focused on bug fixes.


Missing Freehand Margin Controls
If you have trouble seeing freehand controls after editing text (thats normal functionality now), all you do is hit escape and the text edit mode will exit allowing freehand margins to show again when shift is held.

Class Editor
The class editor scale inputs now supports viewport height and width (vh / vw) as measurement values :wink:

Download Blocs 3.2.2 Beta build 1


Very cool. Looking forward to trying that. I take it that means we can have areas that expand and shrink automatically according the height of the web browser without having to specify padding.

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Yeah its handy for creating fill height elements.

This is something I’ve wanted for a while, so that a background area can expand as required if the browser height changes without needing to add in unnecessary blocs with a fixed height.

Finally, what about Calc, or the ability to write in equations? :wink:


I’ve been messing around with the vh custom class but struggling to make it work as intended. Is there some sort of magic number combination that will work to fill the gap flexibly, rather like I asked here Flexible space between content and footer

I can’t download it.
I tried several times in the last couple of hours.
Download speed is only 4kb/s !!
My internet connection is working OK.
So it must be something else.

100vh is 100% of viewport height

Yes I’ve tried that, but it’s not working as expected. I’ve been adding this to a single column that I want to be flexible but it creates different results across the various breakpoints. It seems to fall apart as a theory when there is more than one bloc on the page. I must be doing something wrong.

Well the viewport within blocs is the height of the apps window height. When you enter preview mode the smaller breakpoints will adapt based on the viewport height not the window height as preview height is cropped down.

You also have to consider blocs also have padding above and below so if you want edge to edge vertically in a Bloc you need to switch the blocs padding off.

Footers and headers will typically have 20px or more of padding. With one bloc in the middle the vh value can be altered with the slider and seems to be around 90 on desktop or you end up scrolling a long way to reach the footer. If I try at 80 with XS the text appears under the footer.

I’m not sure I’d probably need to see the live site to inspect what is happening.

Give it a few hours then try again. Might be a server issue.

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Thank you Norm.

@Norm, thank you for the new class editor measurments :slight_smile:

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I tried this.
No issues. Maybe I do something wrong :wink:

Working fine now.
Yesterday was a mess.

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Sent you a PM with a link.

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Any chance of a character count for the SEO title as well?

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In preview mode, right clicking on a link to select Open Link In New Window is doing nothing here.

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