Blocs 3.2.2 Beta Build 2

Folks here is another beta for you to test over the weekend. Blocs 3.2.2. Beta Build 2 mainly focuses on bug fixes.

Have fun.

Download Blocs 3.2.2 Beta Build 2


Awesome i like the addition of title field count. Much needed

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Thank you @Norm. I try with this version open @JDW projects and happens the same in this one. One question, could it be because of the Chinese language of the site? I cannot preview the page. Well I can press preview and choose Safari but nothing happened, and then I open manually safary and type the manual address … localhost… and it works.

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It’s Japanese, but Japanese is a “two-byte” language like Chinese. I too am curious if use of two-byte languages is triggering problems.

Sorry, my bad… Japanese…

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I set a page that has one Bloc besides a header and footer to 100 VH and on an iPhone it looks correct in portrait but in landscape mode the Bloc bleeds into the footer and beyond.

Compare two views:

Some strange things going on with VH in mobile.

I think it’s going to take a little bit to learn more about this new feature. It has some nice possibilities.

Still playing around with it.


This is strange. I’ve just opened a project in b2 after a few days and the grey background in the dynamic area is clearly lighter than defined in project settings, however it looks correct when previewed. This lighter grey looks closer to the way it was before updating the site about a week ago.


I found a misspelling in the UI here:

File > Export > Export As… > Custom Bloc

That spelling is Dutch or Italian.
Correct English: “category”

I’ve just uploaded a new site using b2 and the consent button on the form is locked and therefore unable to send messages. Checked locally in Blocs and it’s the same.

EDIT: I was able to clear this by changing to checkbox and back to switch.

I’ll this out.

All fixed and ready for 3.2.2

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@Norm, @Bill is trying to assist me in this thread but he says “jQuery support and preview in browser is broken” in 3.2.2b2.

Any thoughts?

Separate topic…

I read through this thread which talks about the Shift key sometimes not triggering the padding selection handles. I too am seeing this in Blocs 3.2.2b2, although relaunching Blocs usually fixes it.

Separate topic…

The logo in my Navibar extends beyond and to the left of its parent containers as shown in the animated GIF below, and I would like to know why. A bug?

Here’s the document: (32.8 KB)

  1. Not sure what’s happening there but it’s unlikely jquery is broken. It’s more likely that the data attribute doesn’t exist or is not being targeted correctly. I’ll take a look later.
  2. Fixed
  3. No. In bootstrap rows have negative margins on the left and right, that’s how they fit the content. I’ll see if it’s something that can be improved but technically based on the underlying structure this may be a true representation.
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