Blocs 3.2.2b2 Bugs

Hi @Norm

I’m on 3.2.2 beta2 and seeing some bizarre bugs:
I’m on 10.12.6

  • Container in sidebar is not selectable: it flashes and kicks selection up to parent Bloc

  • When I write this simple jQuery, it’s not giving the display attribute, which in this case should show flex. It’s coming up undefined.

Test File: (13.3 KB)

Hello @Norm

Now I can’t create iframes any more, well, I create them, but no content inside it!!!

@Bill I try your file and in my Blocsapp base not working too…

Bill the row doesn’t have a custom attribute display. I added one in this project and it works fine now. (14.7 KB)

As for the layer tree links flashing and kicking off, what layers are these? If they are the links in a data fed menu that is normal (pretty messy and not helpful) but normal for now…


Re: flashing layer: It’s not a link, it’s a container, but you have the file and can look at it :wink:

Re: attributes: jQuery as a basic web design tool should at least in ‘Preview in Browser’ (same as export), be able to see ANY attribute assigned to the element in question. Bootstrap has already assigned that attribute (flex) to the element and should be getable.

I’m not sure what you mean the example I uploaded is works with your code, if the attribute doesn’t exist on the element it’s null.

You are currently asking the row for its data attribute that doesn’t exist.

Hi @Bill,

Boostrap doesn’t use data attributes for flex containers it uses the classes like “.row”. Also it doesn’t add attributes, classes, ID’s dynamically have to already exist in your HTML or you can added them dynamically in code you write.

flex is a css property, putting it in a data-attribute wouldn’t get you a flex container. In Blocs, every “.row” (and .bloc class for that matter) uses display:flex;

.row {
    display: -ms-flexbox;
    display: flex;
    -ms-flex-wrap: wrap;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    margin-right: -15px;
    margin-left: -15px;

Hope this helps.


You’re so good with Bootstrap, thanks for your contributions to the forum. People like you make this forum really great!



Thanks for the kind words @casey1823, that pretty cool of you to say.:grin:

oh, and I forgot to include this screenshot for adding the attribute that you wanted @Bill It shows how you can add the attribute manually in case you need it. Then your code will return “flex”.


Hi @Whittfield,

I know Bootstrap doesn’t assign data-attributes. The whole point I was trying to make w/ @Norm is that the css display property is assigned by Bootstrap and that attribute should be detectable by my jQuery code. Do an inspect on the element and you will see flex is already assigned in my test project :wink:

Well why are you using .attr to return a style property?

var ck = $(this).attr('display');

Instead use .css

var ck = $(this).css('display');

That should correctly return the proper display property based upon your chosen selector. You can condition it further if needed however you like. I don’t have Blocs 3 on this machine (so I didn’t look at any of the .blocs files in this thread), but I created a quick vanilla BS4 document and it returns correctly in all my quick tests with various selectors and BS grid variations.


I think you are correct. @Bill if you are trying to get the css rule value use .css not .attr as .attr is looking for a data attribute :+1:

Ahhhh, It finally dawned on me. Norm kept saying data attribute, which wasn’t what I was looking at & was confusing the issue. Attr only pulls attributes that are defined in-line in the element html. Duh - more detail than most will care about anyway :wink:


I’m having all kinds of strange issues with Blocs 3.2.2, that never happened before, read about the bugs in 3.2.1 in another thread. And its hard to descibe for me as a beginner, maybe is just me fucking up…in some cases. (but other cases are clearly weird behaivour). Is there anywhere I can download version 3.1.2 to try? I got 3.0…and 3.2.2

I now found the download page for old versions and 3.1.2 is working better for me.

Hey Ken,

did you note down any of the issues and report them? Im woking on 3.2.3 now with more fixes etc.

Yes, I sent a bug report, not super specific though, I thought it was just me screwing up first, since that happens a lot :wink: Next time I suspect a bug I will write down exactly what I did and what happened.