Blocs 3.2.3 Beta Build 1

Folks here is Blocs 3.2.3 beta build 1. Lots of fixes and improvements, but the main cherry is in app Bric updating has been added to this version, of course you will have to allow for all of the Bric developers to roll out their updated Brics with support for this :exploding_head:

(Mine have all been updated to support this so just re-download them)

If you’re a dev you can read the docs on integrating support for in app updating to Brics here.

Download Blocs 3.2.3 Beta build 1


It would be useful if the extensions manager ran a check in the background at start up, then alerted the user of updates in the main interface. That’s how Stacks does it in RW, so you are actually made aware there are updates, but you decide whether or not to proceed. Auto bric updates via Blocs are hugely welcome.


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Yeah that has always been the plan, I just roll parts like this out in chunks to make sure the basics work first before I tie it to the apps core runtime.


I think Realmac push out updates to verify it’s not just them having problems with Rapidweaver, but hey it’s only on version 8. They’ll get there eventually…

Hi @Norm It is a bit frustrating. Since blocs 3 I have the problem with the missing tree in so many projects. Some blocs cannot be clicked. I’ll send you a project. Hope you can fix the bug.

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Yeah I’m constantly fixing issues with the tree. Its a major pain in the ass. Send me the files and I’ll se what is up.

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I only ever see this with Blocs project files and it’s a longstanding oddity, where the last time opened date is before the document was created or modified. Needless to say this can cause confusion when you are going back to edit a site. This is a project that was worked on over a period of weeks, so the created and modified dates should not match either.

Yeah, I’ve seen this also.

Here is another one and the dates seem to be plucked from the air. Again this was worked on over more than a week and incidentally opened this morning, which doesn’t show as the last opened date.


Yeah it’s caused by the saving function. I’ve logged it to be fixed up :+1:


Ok, so I have the original creation date being stored in the files now. I think thats the date that is off as it was being flushed when a project was saved.

patch included in 3.2.3 build 2.


Am I the only one who finds that brics often have to be pressed multiple times before the pop up window stays in place, rather than collapsing after a fraction of a second?

This is not new by any means or even constant, but every now and then I have to click a bric 4 or 5 times before the pop up window stays in place, so I can choose something. This is when choosing from the canvass.