Blocs 3.2.3 Beta Build 3

Here is beta build 3 of 3.2.3, lots more fixes and a few little minor tweaks here and there.

One major change to the document structure is all JS files are now loaded from before the end body tag (this is standard in modern web design) If you are using 3rd party JS code take care to make sure its still working correctly when loaded at the end of the document.

Blocs 3.2.3 Beta Build 3


My tree (panel) is happy now.


Opened a previous problem file and boom, tree panel is back!



You can’t select anything else but a HEADING1 from the Bric Library on the right.
Happened in Build2 also.

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Mine is working fine here, try restarting Blocs completely?

Ok I’ll check that

Yep just checked. To replicate:

  • Open new bloc, say Structure 1
  • Select a Bric from the bric bar on the right tree
  • Stays at Heading 1 and won’t change

If selecting a bric from the bloc directly, it works

Yeah. That’s what I meant.
Was the same in Build2 already. I forgot to report. Sorry.

Any recommendation on updating sites with or without cache busting JS enabled in the export settings given this change?

Just test the functions the JS files apply. All the core blocs ones work fine I’ve tested those.

It’s been like this for ages and I’ve never understood why, but when attempting to open a Blocs file the previous beta is always offered as the default. With every new beta it jumps forward, but always behind the latest one.

Doesn’t the OS handle that?

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Blocs is the only app where I’m installing regular beta updates. In general the OS uses the latest version of an app as the default, unless you set another version manually in the get info panel.

Delete the previous beta build?

They all have the same version number in the apps meta. It’s probably that.

I could do, but I tend to keep the previous one just in case the latest has one has unforeseen problems.

Build 4.


I have been running into an issue with adding classes in the Inspector where typing the first few characters of a class will bring up a popup with the available classes, but selecting one of the classes will not add it to the list. The only way to get it added to the class list is to type out the full class name CORRECTLY!

This is very intermittent, it will work for a short period of time and then all of a sudden it stops working, very disconcerting. Many time a restart of the app will fix the problem but not always. Plus restarts are a pain because Blocs does not remember where you were working and so you always have to start over once the app opens.

Any one else seeing this problem with the BETA 3 build?

@Norm is there by any chance a fix in this release for the problem of creating Accordians with more than 9 items. I had reported that creating anything more than 9 would delete all of the content of all the currently defined items beyond the first one?

I need to create an accordion with more than 9 items but unfortunately only realized it after I had already created and populated 9 items and I do not want to have to start over!

I’ll take a look.

Btw you can also add more accordion items by manually creating the layout, not as quick but it is possible.

Thanks, Norm!

I have discovered that with the BETA 3 build I am able to DUPLICATE and item at the end of the accordion and it behaves correctly and therefore allows more than 9 items to be added. I did not risk trying to increase the count using the count field.

It was also nice that when duplicating an item it seemed to be correctly incrementing all the magic numbers that make the accordion work. So kudos to you for that as there is a way forward!

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