Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 1


Good people, I give you the first beta of Blocs 3.2.

This release has some lovely new features I know you will not be able to live without once you have tried the :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Added Open Modal Interaction.
  • Added Modal Bric.
  • Added categories to Bric Bar.
  • Added Canvas Text Size Freehand Controls.
  • Added ability to hide sidebars.
  • Added Global Swatch Name Display.
  • Added ability to name global swatches.
  • Added layer tree context menu items that enable Expand/Collapse contents of a layer.
  • Added expand All / Collapse all layer tree controls.

You can now create modals (popups) here is how you make them.

  • Add a modal bric to the page, make sure it has an ID.

  • Select a button, link, icon or image and set its interaction to modal and then find the target modals ID in the second dropdown below the interaction one.

  • Enter preview mode and you will see the modal is hidden and will be shown when you click the trigger you assigned the modal interaction too.

Hiding Sidebars
You can now hide the entire Blocs UI apart from the menu bar at the top. There are various ways to do this,

  • The main menu view > Interface contains options for hide/show them (includes keyboard shortcuts).

  • Right clicking the sidebar tab area at the top of each sidebar gives you options to hide them.

  • Right clicking on the design canvas, under the interface option on the context menu.

Download Blocs 3.2 Beta build 1

Enjoy kicking this around over the weekend and I’ll issue the first round of fixes, improvements etc early next week.

p.s there are outstanding bug fixes coming during this beta so don’t worry if its not fixe din this release.


I’ve only read the summary here, but it sounds like you’ve hit this one out of the ballpark.


Wonderful improvement.
I really enjoy the modal bric.


It’s a very good update! Lots of new capabilities thanks to modal bric!


The modal integration is not fully padded out yet. I’m hoping to add some more controls for its visual appearance, but I’ll do that once I know the basic functionality works.


Shouldn’t the bric categories have a toggled category selection like for the blocs?


When I go to the bric bar and type in “modal”, nothing appears. The bric is there if I scroll down without typing in the search word. EDIT, actually that’s happening with all brics if I try searching for them.


Fantastic :heart_eyes:

One thing i noticed with the modal example is that if you start the video and then click outside the modal it goes away but the video sound keeps playing.



So the search in the Bric Bar is not working?


Curiously it’s working now, but it wasn’t the first time I used this beta. A restart seems to have fixed it.


NO please :smiley: i don’t like that UX :S :smiley:


The button in the modal footer should just close the modal.

I found a solution.
Give the button the “Open modal” function with the modal ID. Then it just closes.


Yeah the button is yours to setup.


Yeah, but it’s a little confusing to close an item with an “Open” function.
But anyway … it works.
This modal thing is just fantastic.


@Norm Christmas in February. Thank you! :christmas_tree:


Maybe I’ll change that to Toggle Modal or Trigger Modal???


Toggle Modal sounds OK. Like Toggle Visibility.


Just tested it. Love it.

For me it is always the small things:

  • Added ability to name global swatches.
    Really great!!!
  • Added layer tree context menu items that enable Expand/Collapse contents of a layer.
    Really helpfull!!

I have also a small suggestion which goes hand in hand with the “Expand/Collapse layers” update: tools like Luminar and Lightroom have also here the option, which is called “solo mode”:
it switches all panels into the mode where only the active panel (selected one) will be expanded, and everything else will just be a collapsed. As a blocs project can produce some mousewheel-scroll-meters :wink: I guess this “solo mode” would be a nice feature.


Apps like Sip give colours some rather cool names automatically and these are taken from Name That Color by Chirag Mehta. It includes an open source JavaScript code.

Would it be useful to make use of this in Blocs or do we want to use our own names? On one hand I like the idea of creating our own names, but it may cause confusion when sharing colours across different projects or with clients etc, especially when we have a colour blind user with 14 versions named dark blue…


This just keeps getting better! :muscle::muscle::muscle: