Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 1


Fantastic upgrade!!! Thanks @Norm!!!


I setup a modal and within that modal I setup another modal, so a modal within a modal… very nice for what I needed to do…

Nice feature as well as all the other new features … Thanks @Norm


I wanted to add this as had a similar request a few times, but didn’t know what to call it :joy:

Solo Mode!!

Ok I’ll see what I can do, and check out the adobe implementations.


Names are literally only used as reference for the user. Blocs already generates colour names for classes so eventually I may tie these together.


WTF that works? I didn’t even think of that!



Let me try to understand this… is it like using layers in Photoshop?


It’s great that we can change text sizes in so many ways, including freehand adjustments at this point. It’s a real pity this doesn’t apply to text links that are limited to whatever size is set in project settings. Being able to adjust the size of links independently would be a fantastic addition to 3.2.


Tooltip position no longer seems to be working and the tooltips always appear above the text, even when there is plenty of space elsewhere. Editing tooltips is incredibly fiddly still, which I first reported back in December ticket #1336.


Yeah I’ll check that.


The first modal has a video for some tips in finding a good plumber, then in the footer it has some text about “good plumber” should have a customer pledge. So, I put a link to the second modal in the footer.
“See ours here”

Take a look at it in action.



On a modal window that requires scrolling the background scrolls as you scroll the modal popup window…

Anyone else encounter this?


Yep. Same here.
But is it a bug? Norm knows. :wink:


I’m in love with Blocs 3. Now I think I’m gonna love more and more… :sparkling_heart:
(I’ve to admit I’m an old lover: )


Yep. Same here.
I call this a bug.


Yes, the modal is really cool and needed. Just wondering why some things like borders will not show the styling in design mode but others show (like colors)?

I made a custom mail chimp modal popup. Going to be fun watching what Blocs users come up with?


I’ve already reported a bug to Norm where the button in the modal cannot be center-aligned or left-aligned. But I am also finding that Fade in does not work on the button either. And if I delete the header of the modal and make the Modal Body an image (and apply an image via Asset Manager), enabling Fade in on the image doesn’t work at all when I Preview. Also, if I select “Row” of the modal in the left sidebar and then enable Fade in, when I Preview and trigger the modal, all I get is a dimmed screen and no modal at all.

Can any of you get Fade to work on modal contents?

If Scroll FX and Animations are not compatible with Modals, then I strongly recommend they be dimmed when modal contents are selected so that users won’t get confused by why those FX don’t work. I again would like to appeal for such dimming in the File menu too. After I save, the Save command should be dimmed until I make a change to the document. This is how all other MacOS apps work.


James W.


Another observation. The WIDTH of the Modal is the same in LG, MD and SM, regardless of my having put a rather large image in the Modal Body. Changing to even higher resolution images doesn’t affect modal width either. I clicked on the Bloc containing the Modal and changed its Width to span the page width, but that doesn’t work either. What if you want the model to be wider?

I specifically see many uses for Modals as light boxes for graphics. Click a word of text which has a link to a Modal on it, then you see a graphic. That’s my intent. And of course, clicking that graphic or a little icon should then be able to expand it to fill the screen.

–James W.


have a look at this example.
I used the example file from Norm and made this with just a few clicks.
So excuse the rough design.
But it shows what’s possible with the modal bric.
modal (75.0 KB)


I just opened your example file. Thanks. It looks good. But going back to my previous two posts, can you alter the width of the modal? If so, how?

Also, have you been able to confirm the bugs I mentioned?



If I remember right it’s the class “full”.