Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 1


Still can’t get it to work. Again, here’s the steps showing what I am doing…

  1. New document.
  2. Add Hero.
  3. Add Modal.
  4. Set Hero’s button to Open Modal.
  5. Preview in Blocs to check the size of the modal and click Get Started to display it.
  6. Switch back to page view.
  7. Select “Modal #modal-22843…” in the left sidebar.
  8. Type “model-content” inside the Classes field of the right sidebar.
  9. Double-click “model-content” and type “100” for “Width” and ensure it is set to “%” and then click Done.
  10. Click on “Bloc #bloc-1” in the left sidebar and then set the Width in the right sidebar to span the page width (Appearance > Width > rightmost icon).
  11. Preview, trigger the modal and notice it’s width hasn’t changed, despite the fact its width increased in Page View.
  12. Go back to Page View and select Bloc #bloc-1 > Container > Row > Column and stretch it left and right with the selection handles to make it wider, and note your Modal gets wider still.
  13. Preview and note the width is still the same!!! !@#$%^&


Using a fixed PIXEL width (not %) in that same Class works to widen the Modal, but again, it’s not centered anymore when you do that. Is that a Bootstrap quirk? A bug in Blocs? Me doing it serious wrong? Something else?

James W.


Here’s a simple example of how to use a modal and change the size.



Thank you for the video.

I agree that making it more NARROW is easy. But making it WIDER than the default is what I can’t do. Here’s a sample document: (26.1 KB)

If you can make the modal span the width of the page, I would love to see that.


James W.


I agree. I also don’t really like the way text links are handled. Try adding a fontawesome icon with some text to the right of it, and then try to link them both. I spent hours fiddling around and still didn’t get it to work.


Am I alone in thinking that project notes could be so much more useful? It currently feels like something that is there for the sake of it and rather neglected, when it should be an essential feature. I’d really like to see something like a yellow post-it note on relevant pages that reminds you stuff still needs to be done. Perhaps a colour tag with an attached note that can be cleared when done.



About the colors and names. As the Blocs has Bootstrap 4 under the hood, would it be useful to show the basic colors as a default?

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Success
  • Warning
  • Danger
  • Warning
  • Muted
  • and even Light and Dark.

Or maybe an option to quickly add these to default palette? For small sites, it’s not so important, but if the site is going to grow via use of CMS, it helps.


What would be awesome, is using the colors in class editor with global colors. Let’s say, that site uses primary color for links + navlinks. When they need to be updated, I have to manually enter the new one for custom classes. It would be helpful to set the color from global primary color.

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