Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 3


I spent the last 20 minutes searching for that elusive “light box setting” in Blocs. Where is it located precisely?

As to code-hacking with “sub classes” I wouldn’t know where to begin, so I will live with the standard “large” size for now.


Sub classing is not that hard. But it requires a little experimentation.

Lightbox is an interaction that can be triggered by images.

So select an image > interactions > lightbox

Only downside is they are limited to images only you can’t open a lightbox from a button, but you can hack and use an image of a button :flushed:


Thank you for the guidance!

I often like to trigger a single image lightbox from a text link, and your post explains why I never saw “light box” in the Interactions popup menu on my text links. Making a GIF or PNG of the text on which I want to add a link could be a workaround but I’d rather not go that route. Modals work fine when triggered by text links so I will stick with Modals for now.



Not in Rapidweaver. In the project settings you decide whether links are relative to page, website address or to docroot. I choose the docroot and it works.



I’m still seeing that problem where remote videos in the hero bloc are not prompting to save when changed i.e it doesn’t say edited next to the project name. When restarting Blocs they are not visible in edit mode, but do appear in preview.


I’m seeing about 10 seconds of spinning ball now when starting Blocs before the project window appears. This was never the case in earlier versions.


Sounds like your remote content is timing out. Does the page contain any?


oh wait I just notice the clean URLs are missing the trailing / I thought it was adding them.

Ok I’ll get that added.


I wish I could give that 5 likes.


no worries thats now fixed and ready for build 4.


fixed in b4. Sorry for the confusion.


Are you referring to the missing video in edit mode or the spinning ball start ups?

If it’s the missing video, yes the video is remote hosted, but so are the images. The only area causing problems is the video background in the hero bloc. It doesn’t seem to happen with locally hosted video.

For the spinning ball at startup this happened earlier when I opened Blocs, but before the pop up window that lets me choose a project. The moment I chose a project it then opened pretty much instantly. Now I just tried again and naturally there was no spinning ball or delay… I’ll keep any eye on it and let you know if it happens again.


The spinning ball may be Paddle related.


OK that makes sense. I was just having a Rapidweaver flashback with that spinning ball and started to panic.


@Norm What do you think about a global modal?.. That is a single modal that can be seen from multiple pages? Not worth the effort??


I’ve just checked a couple of sites done recently and noticed that the chosen language is not being mentioned in the source code. Am I missing something? It’s set in the project settings.


Did you set the chosen language to English - maybe that’s the default?


Yes, but surely it should be mentioned in the source code on every page. Something like <html lang="en"> or even <meta name="language" content="english" />


Yeah, I can’t see sites for some stupid reason, but yes, I think the modern way to specify languages is to apply it to the html tag now:

<html lang=“en”>


That page has all the language codes :wink:


Blocs doesn’t seem to be applying anything.