Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 3


@JDW i was reading some help forums and read one that have your problem. Can you try one thing please?

Start Firefox in Safe mode and run the site that @Norm send.

And let me know if it works…


Yes I am… is very helpful, now I understand the dynamics of Blocs and what can be achieved using the Custom Atributes, and let me say that’s a lot… thank you for that feature…


no worries, thanks for helping with @JDW animation issues :pray:


No problem, I will try… (just for us, but High Sierra have a lot of bugs):shushing_face:


Are you referring to Blocs having bugs in high Sierra?


No… The High Sierra it self… When I have High Sierra a lot of sites not work for me, even google, the online banks, and in all browsers not only Safari… I remember, once that I have to go to terminal and flush the DNS, and create a new user in the users…


Yes - I used Chrome during High Sierra to get round issues


Works perfectly :slight_smile: :+1:


Let me wait for @JDW answer and then I explain what will probably is happening…


I’m here at home on a Saturday and I don’t have the animation problem in Safari or FireFox on my MBP at home, but since Screen Sharing is fighting me this morning, I cannot try your FireFox tip right now on my 5K iMac at the office. I will keep trying and in the worst case it may need to wait until Monday.

For now though, this problem worries me. It’s not just me who has it. So if this problem could easily happen on anyone’s Mac, there would be a certain number of people out there who potentially would visit my websites and not be able to view animations at all. And it’s not like I can post a message on all my web pages which says, “to ensure you can view animations on this site, just do this…”

Whatever we ultimately decide to built into our websites, be that animations or anything else, we need to consider “browser compatibility.” If I have a great thing I want to add to my site that would prevent 10% of people from seeing it, I probably should avoid using it.

Curious to hear the thoughts of others on this.


James W.


OK @JDW when you try and if it works I’ll tell you what you need to do… and it will fix (hopefully ) your problem.


Thank you very much for your kind help!

But again, I’ve read comments from others who have the same problem here in these forums. So that leads me to believe a certain percentage of viewers of our websites may also have the same problem. If so, there’s no easy way for me to magically fix the problem of those people (general viewers of my websites, not fellow Blocs users) even if I were able to fix problems on my own machine. Do you see what I mean here?

If a certain percentage of your web visitors cannot see your content (animations are content), then one must try to determine what that specific percentage is and then decide if it is worth it to exclude them.

Also, why do Fade In and Fade Out work fine in Safari and FF on my iMac at the office (albeit, badly timed triggers) while Animations do not work? It’s all a bit confusing to me.

Anyway, I will report back on my tests on the 5K iMac when I gain access to it – Monday at the absolute latest.



Yes I understand what you mean.

But probably is a problem that affects other viewers, that have the same configuration as you.
Ex. High Sierra / Old OS / No Updates / Java Scripts Disabled / Etc. Etc. (not saying that you have everything like this)

When we use the latest technologies, and want to cover all the users is very difficult, but at least we hope that 80% to 90% of the internet users have the latest Browsers, OS with all upgrades done, etc.

For example you have about 5 years ago a lot of Flash Sites, and now all the iPads and iPhones can’t see those websites. And what can we do? Keep our old phone or tablet just because of that site?
No, the owner of that site have to change his website code.

I have a friend that just don’t like iOS 10 and 11 so he doesn’t update his tablet, but at the same time he can’t open a lot of apps, and he complains to Apple that the apps that he have just keeps crashing.

But there is always a work around, and hopefully is your case.


I have 3 users (including you) who have issues with animate.css. That is a tiny percentage, compared to the number of Blocs users.

You also have to consider that animation is not mission critical, it doesn’t break the functionality of websites it would just deliver a less vibrant experience for the tiny number of users who get the issue. I would probably say having a none responsive website served up on a mobile device is far more likely to effect the user experience.

Animate.css (which Blocs uses) is open source and used by millions and I don’t recall seeing an issue logged on their github regarding this issue so that should also tell you it’s not that common.

Also remember scrollFX and animations are completely sepereate and work using different techniques.


It could also be that some people simply haven’t reported it because, like me, Animations work find on some Macs they own and don’t work on others. They might just think, “well, so long as it works on some of my Macs, I won’t bother taking time to post a complaint about it.” Let’s face it. A lot of us are lazy in that regard. With that said, I do agree it is probably a small percentage of people who have the problem, but I need access to my iMac at the office to troubleshoot it further. At that point, I hope we can nail down precisely what is causing the problem, as that would likely give us an indicator as to the number of web visitors who might be affected by it.


I keep following this as well, i have the same thing, @norm knows. I have it on my office iMac and on my private macbook, no animation when preview in blocs, and no animation in safari. But if i manualy overide the animation.css to an older version it works


Hello @sandy can you tell us please your configuration. OS, Equipment, Browsers affected?


I never use animations for the reasons discussed, in any web sites created with any apps. This isn’t a Blocs issue, it is a general web site design issue. The reason being is that browsers appear to be getting more buggy and users can disable stuff and add add-ons, and some hardware will disable animations or movement, over which you have no control. There is unfortunately too much truth in the observation that Safari is the new Internet Explorer.

If I was forced into using an animation by a client, I would only use an animation where the failed state of an animation, i.e. the start state, would show or only where the content of the animation had no importance to the sites SEO or content, such as an animation Happy Xmas message.

IMHO there are very few web sites where animation adds value, but the Apple MacMini site that has been discussed here, is one of those sites where the animation is part of the theatre show. However, if you look at that site on say Win10 IE11, you will see there are no animations of text yet the site remains perfectly usable by design, because the failed animation state text is displayed.


config 1
Imac 27" High Sierra 10.13.6

config 2
Macbook 15" OS Mojave 10.14.3

Safari NO add-ons
in blocs no animation in preview, and in safari no animation, preview a blocs file in chrome: fading animation works
Export blocs to project (html) view in safari: No animation. View in Chrome works

with animation I mean the fading or flip effect, the FX animation is working.
when I override the animate.css to version 3.6.2 the animation is working

must be a local safari problem


because @JDW and me have the safe problem: i just put firefox in safemode, still no animation from an exported project of blocs and no animation when i go to

the site is working in chrome do.