Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 4


Norm is the trailing slash fixed on 5?


Its fixed in 4, not sure if you saw the change log?

Clean URLs now look like this:



How are you testing, have you tried running the php with a server or with MAMP?

The Blocs php rendering is pretty basic.


I’ve improved this in 3.2 build 5. Now when you change a pages name (via page settings), it will only adjust the menu items that link to the same page and have the old title value. This means if the title has been customised and it still points to the same page, Blocs will no longer change the title value for these links.

I think this makes more sense now is more intuitive. Thanks for highlighting it :+1:


Yes, thats normal. Project settings (lang) applies to new pages, to set to the index page or any other already existing pages, set this in the pages dedicated page settings.


Fixed and ready for build 5.


Yes, I have tried testing on a server but not using MAMP, with same results as I mention in above post.

The other PHP code I have seems work fine. I am just having trouble starting a PHP session and setting session variables.


Could you DM the project file please.

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