Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 6


Here is Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 6, this release is again mainly focused on bug fixes. It’s now hit the turning point in which the beta is more stable and contains many bug fixes so the aim is to knuckle down and get 3.2 out next week. Unless and game changing issues are discovered that don’t effect the current public release.

Download Blocs 3.2 Beta build 6

You can now create modals (popups) here is how you make them.

  • Add a modal bric to the page, make sure it has an ID.

  • Select a button, link, icon or image and set its interaction to modal and then find the target modals ID in the second dropdown below the interaction one.

  • Enter preview mode and you will see the modal is hidden and will be shown when you click the trigger you assigned the modal interaction too.

Hiding Sidebars
You can now hide the entire Blocs UI apart from the menu bar at the top. There are various ways to do this,

  • The main menu view > Interface contains options for hide/show them (includes keyboard shortcuts).

  • Right clicking the sidebar tab area at the top of each sidebar gives you options to hide them.

  • Right clicking on the design canvas, under the interface option on the context menu.


Hi @Norm

In beta6:

  • Bric Library panel on the right does not work
  • Sometime I’m seeing Extension Manager showing twice in the main menu, it’s intermittent.

Thanks, Bill


Both work fine here.


Cool I’ll check that out :+1:


Now that we have the export options in the project settings does that just mean we can choose quick export and it will use the same settings automatically? If so, I can stop using export project and checking the options every time.


Not the end of the world, but projects are suddenly taking about five seconds to appear after opening, so I find myself looking at a blank canvass for a while and that was never the case previously.

I’ve also noticed that if I right click on a project it always offers the previous beta as the default option. In addition it offers to open projects using versions of Blocs found in backups on other drives as well as Blocs 2. I think this was something that happened in the past.


I second that question. I myself have always used Quick Export and just ASSUMED that those Minify, Cache Bust, etc. settings were honored. They were being honored even in previous versions of Blocs, right, @Norm?

James W.


I am using the beta, but I can not add a menu on the canvas, for more attempts I have made to add, nothing happens, the options do not come out, while in the body I can continue to attach things! Has someone the same thing happen to you?


Correct I updated the docs to make reference to that


Oh that’s interesting. Have you tried a fresh project?


That may be a remote asset issue, looks like the loader is waiting on somthing.


That’s what I thought, but it is happening on projects where the images are all local as well. Here is a video on a small project and it took around 20 seconds to open. This has only happened since b6.


That is a very long loading time.
I have a complex project with videos, audios (all local) and it loads fast as always.
So no issues here.


Try the current public release 3.1.2 I think. See if you get the same delay.


Just tried and there was the same delay, but what on earth could have happened since last night that is making all Blocs projects open so slowly. Everything is in the same place as before.


It may be your internet connection, google fonts load at startup so it may be something to do with that.

I have a feeling it will magically re-correct itself.


I am not using any Google fonts. I keep the web fonts in Dropbox, so they are available to both computers, however I imagine those are stored inside the Blocs project after they have been added. Hopefully it will sort itself. Everything else seems to be OK.


@Norm I just reinstalled the OS and the same project opened in 2 seconds.


Is that good? Ah yeah it is, it was taking 20s right?


Two seconds is normal. I have no idea why it was suddenly so slow before, but it was like that all day until I did the OS reinstall. That is a 5 page site with no video and all local assets, so it should definitely open quickly on a Mac Pro.