Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 7


Here is Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 7, this release is again mainly focused on bug fixes. Aiming for release later this week, so any last fixes required will most likely be rolled into the main release version unless they are super complex.

Download Blocs 3.2 Beta build 7

You can now create modals (popups) here is how you make them.

  • Add a modal bric to the page, make sure it has an ID.

  • Select a button, link, icon or image and set its interaction to modal and then find the target modals ID in the second dropdown below the interaction one.

  • Enter preview mode and you will see the modal is hidden and will be shown when you click the trigger you assigned the modal interaction too.

Hiding Sidebars
You can now hide the entire Blocs UI apart from the menu bar at the top. There are various ways to do this,

  • The main menu view > Interface contains options for hide/show them (includes keyboard shortcuts).

  • Right clicking the sidebar tab area at the top of each sidebar gives you options to hide them.

  • Right clicking on the design canvas, under the interface option on the context menu.


If I centre a list item it strangely adds a big space underneath and I have to backspace on the keyboard to remove it.


@Norm that actually happens as soon as it becomes a link. It’s not just about being centred.


Nav bric is still missing on mine after the update? UPDATE Its There …great work love the text size new feature so easy now


using beta 7, I have a menu in the beginning part with the global area where the logo has to be white and I have disabled in the pages inside the global area, and where the logo has to be black, but at the moment of changing the logo changes in both pages although they are in different areas!

when wanting to change the logo to white, it is also changed in the interior pages, they are two different areas!


I just fired off a bug report with an example document to Norm, but I thought I’d mention it here too. Please check your existing documents in 3.2b7 and verify if you can see your Footer in the left sidebar. My footer exists on the page but not in the left sidebar, and relaunching 3.2b7 doesn’t fix that problem either. I’ve seen this happen in earlier builds, so it’s no exclusive to b7.

–James W.

UPDATE: I think UNDO must have something to do with my Footer being missing from the left sidebar. I say this because I just now created a new Bloc within the same document using 3.2b7, and I added some links to the Bloc and then duplicated and did an UNDO, and immediately following my UNDO, that Bloc vanished from the left sidebar, even though it’s still displaying fine on the page.


The layer tree strikes again! I’ll get this patched up.


The problem I reported in Build 7 where the blue bounding box would appear high up and above the box contents is fixed, but today I am seeing that bounding box shifted slightly to the right, as shown in my screencast (no sound) below:


Hi @Norm.

I do not know if this problem has occurred previously or has been with beta build 7.

Working on my project with version 3.2 beta build 7, I have incorporated two videos through the Asset Manager and after testing them as a background of a block, I have deleted them using the Asset Manager and upon returning to the project I verified that several photographs of the project had disappeared and the bottom of a block appears in gray.

When trying to add the photographs to the Asset Manager, it tells me that it already exists and asks me if I want to replace them?

But really the pictures can not be seen in the Asset Manager.

When adding them the bottom of the block is recovered, but the rest of the photographs of the whole project are not.

I have saved the project and I have reloaded it and all the photographs were there.

Best regards.


I’m still seeing bounding box craziness in build7, and now with the little square handle getting separated from its box too, as the animated GIF below shows.


Another problem…

Almost every single time I open Class Editor and start typing a number into a field using my Apple extended keyboard’s numeric keypad, the number I type will appear in the Classes field of the right sidebar instead of the field in Class Editor. And yes, I definitely am clicking inside a field inside the Class Editor before I start typing. This happens so often it’s driving me mad. I’ve simply been busy reporting other bugs, which is why I haven’t mentioned it until now. Those of you lacking a numeric keypad obviously would not have seen this problem.


James W.


You are going to make @Norm give up this project or lose all his hair lol


The case of a bug reporter diligently doing his primary job by reporting bugs yet somehow causing an experienced developer to cease development is something I have never encountered in my 20+ years of bug testing for software developers. I hold the sheer brilliance, thoughtfulness and determination of @Norm in much higher regard. Indeed, I would encourage my fellow beta testers to report even what you may consider “the little things” to ensure they get fixed. And should @Norm ever be driven to madness by the never ending stream of bug reports, I have no doubt he would plainly tell us so before suddenly putting Blocs in a coffin and walking away.


Just wondering if that’s your job, bug reporter?



I get no compensation whatsoever for having been kindly invited by a developer (in this case @Norm) to joint a select group of beta testers with the aim of making a great software product even better. I admit to having purchased Blocs 3, if that is any consolation. So I am not here merely do beta test and do no actual work in Blocs. With that said, I do have many websites still in Freeway Pro 7, and all of those are not responsive, so figuring out how to make them responsive is a key part of my work in Blocs at the moment. And although we ought not do actual work in beta versions, I myself have found the fast track to finding most elusive bugs is to do work in beta versions! :slight_smile: In the end, I cannot speak for anyone other than myself when I say that I take the privilege of bug testing seriously. Why would I not want to see Blocs improve? Not everyone here may share my zeal, but diversity of thought and determination makes the world go 'round.


@Norm I don’t know if my bug is directly related to @Flashman’s bug, but my bug occurs when I enter Japanese text, as shown in the following animated GIF:


Entering Japanese differs from entering English in that after you type a Japanese word or phrase you need to hit Return, otherwise when you hit spacebar to convert Hiragana into Kanji it may produce unexpected results. So you would start typing Japanese, then press Return once to submit that text (which removes the bar beneath it), and then if you want a newline you would need to hit Return a second time. The bug here, as shown in my GIF above, is that when I hit Return only once (which as I said does NOT create a newline), that act of hitting Return only once expands the bounding box downward as shown. I verified there is no second line inside that bounding box. The bounding box should not be expanded downward in this case and therefore it is a bug.

You can try it yourself by creating a dropdown, then prepare to edit the text by switching to Japanese input (System Preferences > Language & Region > 日本語 – Japanese, then click the little Flag in your menubar and choose Hiragana) and typing “tesuto” (“てすと”) and then hit return only once.

This does NOT happen when typing English. When I type the English word “test” and then hit Return, nothing happens, which is correct. So the bug affects Japanese (and probably other two-byte languages).

–James W.



Don’t worry, I still have a full head of hair.


Cool I’ll log these. 3.2 is now released so I’ll get the next lot of fixes added to 3.2.1 beta (next week).


I’ll check this out too.


@Norm are there a few more fixes in 3.2 release compared with B7? Mainly looking for navigation elements disappearing fix?