Blocs 3.2 Beta Build 7


@Norm This is working with the release version of 3.2 this morning on a structure 3 column with a paragraph bric below. As you can see from the screenshot the text spills over to the edges of the column and when adding a link it becomes worse. The issue remains when previewed.

Similar issues here with the Image & Text bric.


This bric also has issues with text appearing crammed on the image at the edges with no means of control.


I’ll check that. Looks like a scroll offset issue.


I just tried it using a short label with a link and still see misalignment issues. This is a new bloc.



Well, drat. Now my header is missing from the left sidebar, in addition to the footer being missing. I was still using 3.2b7, so I updated my main app to 3.2 (release version) and when I opened my document, I could see the header in the left sidebar, but then I clicked on a few blocs and the header vanished from the left sidebar. Relaunching Blocs doesn’t fix the problem.

So I’m somewhat dead in the water changing my site until this bug can be fixed.

–James W.


You can still select items on the canvas, I’ll also need a copy of that file too please.

Blocs 3.2.1 Beta Build 1

Is this at a specific breakpoint?

EDIT: I just noticed you can scroll the canvas left and right on the mobile breakpoints which causes this to misalign. So scrolling back hard left makes the active marker align correctly. I’ll get it patched up for 3.2.1

EDIT 2. Looks like full width edge to edge Blocs are causing this. If you have one on a page it causes unwanted overflow.


I’ve sent you a PM with a link to the project file.


Cool all fixed and ready for 3.2.1


Fixed this


I don’t see this issue. But make sure you have the mouse cursor over the class editor when you type, if it returns to the main application window it makes it the first responder.

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