Blocs 3.3.0 Beta Build 1


Folks here it is, Blocs 3.3.0 beta build 1. This update is pretty slim in comparison to previous updates as I’m still trying to focus on getting the core foundation solid now.

But that said, there are a bunch of nice improvements in V3.3.

Build highlights

  1. Class Ordering
    You can now set the order that classes are written into the style.css file, this helps to prevent unwanted class overrides. When you set the Class Manager to ordering mode, you get access to all classes including the :hover, :active state classes individually, so you have complete control over style sheet custom class structure order. You can also order classes for each breakpoint (please note classes will only show on breakpoints if they have values for that breakpoint).

  2. Order Lists
    You can now set a lists style to ordered, which will give you the little numbers rather than bullets.

  3. Exclude Pages from Export
    You can now set pages to be excluded from export. You do this via the page settings (checkboxes). Handy for work in progress pages.

  4. Page Restore
    Blocs now restores the last active page when a project is re-opened.

  5. Code Editor Settings
    You can now set the font, and size for the code editors areas in Blocs via the shinny new main app prefs.

  6. Assign colours to layer tree.
    A nice little improvement to help manage and organise projects via the tree. Assign a colour to a layer with the layer tree contextual menu.

Anyway have fun :sunglasses:

Download Blocs 3.3.0


I like the sound of all these, but above all the push to focus on the core foundation.


Thanks Norm. I’m happy to see the numbered list feature, the forum can’t take another “I need” for this one. :joy:

The colored layer tree is also really nice. It’s really helpful for showing which Bloc your working in.

Exclude for export! :wink: Really helpful!



These sound like some mighty awesome improvements and features!
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


To be honest, THOSE “slim” improvements in the details count the most for me. THANK YOU again @Norm :call_me_hand:


This is great and makes me :smiley: . Thanks! :pray:


Bless you, @Norm! :smile: These 2 features alone are huge! I can now start typing in the Class Editor and not have to worry about my text starting to appear in the Classes field of the right sidebar when my arrow pointer leaves the Class Editor boundary! And being able to save, close, and re-open to the last page I was working on is a great time saver. A major win for everyone here!

What is a practical application showing the benefit of this new feature? (I’m trying to see how to make it useful.)

Numbered lists button in the right sidebar! Yeah! QUESTION: Why are lists still defaulting to “EMPTY LI” instead of already have a paragraph inserted into them? Wouldn’t it be a bigger time saver to insert the paragraphs into each list item by default seeing that would still allow people to delete those paragraphs from the left sidebar in those rare cases when paragraphs are not what the designer wants?


I think it should be just like it is. You can add any type of text you want. If you want a paragraph just add one and command D will duplicate as many as you want, fast and very easy.



Sounds like a personal opinion to me, since you did not give a specific reason to defend the existing functionality.

Please explain why each line in a list should be left empty by default.

Again, I am coming from years of experience another web design app (I know you loath me calling it by name, so I shall refrain from saying it for your benefit), and in that web design app, lists are “text” lists (i.e., they have “paragraphs” in them). In fact, all you do to start a list in that app is just start typing and then click a little button in the Text palette to Indent, which allows you to then assign numbers, round/square/hollow bullets, alphabetic, or unbulleted. Indeed, that’s how MS Outlook works when composing emails. That’s how Text Edit works. That’s how the Notes app works. That’s how MS Word works. That’s how… Well, you get the point.

So again, rather than rehashing personal opinion, please tell me WHY the existing functionality is so great. Why is it a timesaver over what I propose (which is, to change the functionality to be like pretty much any other app that allows creation of lists)?

My words are not intended to be argumentative, but rather to explore your reasoning to the fullest degree.

Thank you,

James W.


I don’t have to give a reason. It’s just common sense. I don’t need to read your overblown response. I’m just happy we have another list option.

Enough said.


I’m afraid it’s not a case of “enough said,” nor can I see how it is “common sense” either, for reasons I put forth in my previous post. More specifically, if it was “common sense” to force people to “manually insert paragraphs” into each line of a list before you can start typing and then go about duplicating list items, why don’t other apps do that?

Let’s clear the air so we can move forward with no further fussing. Casey, you have been dismissive with what I have written in the open forum, going so far as to write “Another letter to the editor. Not worth the read.” on one of my posts pertaining to copying between documents. I myself read what you write even if I disagree with some or all of it. Patience, Reason, and Brotherly Love should dominate any discussion.

So to recap, if someone can please explain to me why the existing LIST functionality is BETTER or FASTER than having a paragraph inserted automatically, I’m all ears.

I’m a flawed human being. I make mistakes. I overlook the obvious quite often. I need guidance too. And so I seek guidance on why the existing functionality is better or faster than what I propose. If such could be explained to me, I’m happy to jump on the status quo band wagon with the rest of you. But the key here is to explain the reasoning behind one’s contention. Merely to defend the status quo for the sake of avoiding change is fine – some people do that – but such doesn’t mean there’s never room for change or improvement. Indeed, I am thankful for the changes @Norm so kindly made to this version of Blocs. Two were features I specifically requested to be added only a few short days ago, hence my pleasant surprise and exuberation today.

Many thanks for your kind understanding and cooperation.

James W.


No worries. I’m glad those changes make a difference :sunglasses:

Regarding lists, these are classed more as a structure than an actual text list.

Consider lists can be used for listing images, buttons, cards, movies. Pretty much anything to be honest. So setting the default to include paragraph text is some what limiting.


Thank you for the clarification. I honestly never would have considered lists for “structure” prior to you mentioning it. More for me to ponder!

Anyway, I’ve been testing 3.3.0b1 all day today. So far, it’s been great!


@Norm :smile: It is very nice.^^



Blockquote But that said, there are a bunch of nice improvements in V3.3

Yes there are… Thanks for all your hard work… It is certainly appreciated…


Just trying 3.3 for the first time here. My system operates in light mode with Mojave but Blocs is in dark mode. When I go to save a project the save window is now in dark mode, which has never happened before in Blocs. This seems wrong.


Blocs theme is set independently to the OS. Set it in prefs.


Norm … it’s Sunday.
You should rest.


Strangely this only happened once with 3.3. The finder window was appearing as dark theme at project export, even though the system is set to light theme. I’ve just tried again now and it’s back to normal, but not seen it elsewhere.


I’ll take a look but it could just be one of those things…

Update. I found a few scenarios that may have caused alternate colour themes for dialogs based on the OS settings and the apps settings. Build 2 of 3.3 will have those new additions included.