Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 2

Hey everyone,

Here is the next beta build of Blocs 3.3. This release is pretty much focused on bug fixes.

The main thing to note is, I have made some minor changes to the save mechanism for better error catching and although it’s been heavily tested in-house, please keep a close eye out for potential save issues.

Have Fun :slight_smile:

Download Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 2.


It’s back to saving in dark mode at point of export, despite the system being in light mode. This is with B2. I did actually experiment briefly earlier today with dark mode in system preferences but then switched back. There seems to be something odd going on here.

Is Blocs dark or light? All dialogs and sheets are now forced to the theme color of Blocs set in prefs.

Are you saving you have Blocs running light mode and the OS in dark?

Blocs is in dark mode and the OS in light mode. In the past the export would always be light as dictated by the OS. I was on High Sierra until a few days ago, so perhaps this is expected behaviour under Mojave, but it seems strange if Blocs is dictating OS appearance.

This is normal now. Blocs controls the appearance of all of its windows and alert dialogs.

OK that fine then. For a while yesterday under B1 it it was the other way around.

Yeah it only changed in B2. I just added this.

I’ve been testing Blocs 3.3.0b2 all day without problem until just now. I tried to add a new graphic Asset but the dialog freezes when I search for a name. I am using High Sierra (no dark mode) and am using Blocs in the normal light mode. Clicking the Cancel button doesn’t work either. But if I close Asset Manager, then the frozen dialog vanishes.

Ok I’ll check that out.

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Try adding an asset, type a word in the search bar, and then choose “Name Matches” in the little dropdown beneath the search bar – that triggers the freeze every time. The frozen dialog looks like this:

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Do you get this in the current public release? Is it beta specific?

Beta specific.

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Fixed issue that caused html widgets to be linked when a column or row is duplicated containing one.

This one is a great upgrade :smiley:


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With this beta I’ll make a few changes on a page or two and when I go to export it sometimes says it will replace the overwrite the contents of the existing folder and replace it, then on another occasion a second pop up appears offering the chance to only change certain parts or the whole shebang. It’s unclear why that should be the case with this discrepancy in dialogue windows when overwriting an existing project.

Are you sometimes saving over an older directory?

And do you get that with 3.2.4?

I’ve tried directly clicking on the old project folder, but more usually just go to the main export folder where I have the various projects alongside each other, including the previous version of the same project. I don’t have 3.2.4 installed but I’ll try a few times with 3.2.3 to see if this happens.

I personally find the Save As … dialogue window not good at all anymore as it is in Blocs 3.3.0.b2. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional.

I have High Sierra and Blocs is in Dark Mode (because I have to work with images and videos – otherwise I would not work in a dreadful dark mode where for me the reading is unusual after J. Gutenberg’s invention.)

  • There is this white background for the macOS columns view.
  • The contrast of the file names in light mode but as well in dark mode is so minimal that I can barely read the file names.
  • The scroll bars are missing (at least in the column view)
  • Hence, and because of the missing light grey lines, the column dividers are not (properly) visible anymore

I personally think (and of course I am used to and with good reason) the “Save As …” dialogue window shall be delivered from the macOS. If a user likes the dark mode then the window shall be in dark and vice versus and not because the application dictates it.

And then there happened this — the folder icons are visible but not the file names. It happened 2 times in a row.

Yeah it looks a lot better on Mojave. I’ll switch it off in earlier versions as I’ve had a few comments about the quality on Sierra and high Sierra.


I’ve switched off the dark theme on save and export dialogs in pre MacOS 10.14 versions. It looks a lot better in Mojave as this version of Mac OS support Dark Mode in the entire OS. Build 3 will include the change.

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I’ve tried this now a dozen times in 3.2.3 and the behaviour is consistent. If I go to the main blocs export folder and export to overwrite an existing project the second pop up appears asking if I want to change everything or only the files that have changed.

If I navigate to that main folder and select the destination project first, it simply overwrites it without question.

In this beta of 3.3 the behaviour is inconsistent from one export to the next. As a general rule I only go to the main folder where all exported projects are stored. Blocs recognises an existing project of the same name but is not predictable currently in the dialogue options that will appear.

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Thanks very much @Norman for your solution. :pray:

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