Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 3

Hey everyone,

Here is the next beta build of Blocs 3.3 (build 3).

Not much has changed, just a few patches here and there. More coming.

Have Fun :slight_smile:

Download Blocs 3.3 Beta Build 3.


Hi, there are some bugs:

  1. Navlinks to PHP pages doesn’t work.
  2. Visiblitiy options doesn’t work in medium breakpoint view.
  3. Full width carousel has borders (left and right side)

No. 1 is very important to fix. Thanks @Norm.

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Regarding point 1. Is that when testing locally or when hosted?

oh i see, the no. 1 issue is just in preview mode.

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  1. Fixed in build 4 of 3.3
  2. Cant replicate - (maybe project related).
  3. Cant replicate - (maybe project related).